Saturday, August 31, 2019

All My Bags are Packed.....

 ...but one last post before I go. It has been hot as blazes here, so quiet inside stitching has been on errands in the AM before it gets blistering, then stitch the afternoon away. So I do have some projects to share in no particular order.

First, I finished stitching the Amethyst Sampler Band SAL from iStitch Designs. I did mine in greens and will be finishing it on a vintage spool as I have the others. I may add my name or initials at the bottom, but haven't decided yet.

I got a package from Salty Yarns with the pre-stitching for one of my classes in October.  I jumped right on it .....well, because it was so darn cute....and because I wanted to know it was done. There were three designs, all from Cathy Habermann at Hands on Design. Our class will involve finishing the pieces. It's called Halloween Chalk and hopefully I'll have them finished by then.

 The jar of eyes makes me giggle every time I see it!!!

Then, a friend has been patiently waiting for me to stitch a C A Wells piece so I can pass the chart to her. I had done this as a gift, but wanted to also make one for me. It is still getting interrupted but I am determined to get this done by the next time I see her. It's called Stitching by the Sea Needecase.

For my trip, I plan to get a whole lotta background stitching done on my Year of Celebration pieces. Should be easy-peasy since they're done on the 14 ct. perforated paper. But I'm also bringing a project on 28 count, since I just got  new pair of glasses. It's Lizzie Kate's Pair O' Pilgrims, which I started so I had everything placed for the trip.

Finally, I had seen this piece on FB, inquired about it and was told it was a class only piece. I contacted the designer to see if it was ever released as a chart and she told me she couldn't even remember the piece, so I figured that was that. But, a friend had seen my comment on FB and told me that the piece had been taught for my now local guild and maybe someone still had it. So I put out a request on our VGN FB page and, lo and behold, one of the members offered to lend me her chart. I wanted to get it done ASAP even though she said she wasn't in any hurry. So I've gotten the "innards" done and am now stitching the circle outline, so all I have to do is fill it in at my leisure. Another friend thinks she as an extra pin ball ring!!! Aren't stitchers the best!!!!! Here's Bee Pin Ball ( you know why I had to have it) by Carriage House Samplings.

Speaking of stitchers and how they love to's a cool little something someone had at a recent stitch group meeting. They are little "glasses" that just sit on your ear pieces..just sit on your nose. They are very light weight and come in cute colors...easy to throw in a project bag or your purse. I ordered a pair and hope they'll come in handy on the trip. They are by a company called Nooz (sorry photo has name upside down).

Then I saw somewhere about these little thread spool huggers that are supposed to keep the ends of your spools of thread under control. But, I saw where people were using them to hold the extra fabric on their Q-snaps. See photo above with green ones at the bottom....pretty cool huh??? Oh how I LOVE gadgets!!!

So back to my bags being packed..... I am sticking to one checked bag (even though Southwest lets you check 2 for free) and a carry on tote for my stitching. I weighed my bag and it comes in at 35#'s so I'm good. Have I ever mentioned I love Southwest? They have always been our preferred airline because they are fun, friendly and on time more than any other airlines we've flown. Recently, I noticed our flights at a significantly lower rate than what we booked.... we called and they credited us the difference which we can use for another flight at a later date. I can see another trip in our future...maybe one of their "wanna get away" flights!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship! See you on the flip to Yellowstone!!! Oh, maybe we'll see Kevin Costner!!! :)



  1. Stasi so many wonderful stitches you have done. Love the stitches you have done for your next class...they are going to be adorable when finished. I'm so happy someone was nice enough to pass that pattern to you. It is perfect and meant for a bee lover like yourself.

    Great new gadgets. They really look nice too.

    Have tons of FUN out West. They bag weighs too little because you were suppose to fit me in too. LOL! I love Southwest too...they are fun and friendly. Take lots of photos. RJ

  2. The bee pinball is so adorable. I've never seen that at all. What luck to find it to borrow. Great prestitching too. All ready to be finished and what a relief. Enjoy your trip.

  3. You have been a busy stitching bee, Stasi! Good for you! I can't wait to hear your thoughts on those glasses. And yes, stitching friends are the best. Have a safe journey to and from and a fabulous time! Thinking of you!

  4. The Bee Pin Ball is just fabulous isn't it?! I am so glad you persevered and got it to borrow!!

  5. Stasi, I love reading your blog. Great projects and gadgets! Question: would the thread spool huggers fit over a ball of Perle cotton, sizes 8 and 12? My thread box is always a mess. Thanks
    Linda Edmundson

  6. Hi, Stasi! I have been on "blog vacation" for so long that I have missed your posts! Getting caught up today. Your stitching is so lovely, and it looks like you've been busy, busy, busy. Those Halloween Chalk pieces really pop! I love Halloween stitching... it's so much fun and the colors are delightful.

    NOW I remember why I have spool huggers in my Amazon shopping cart! Haha... I had added them when another blogger or You-Tuber mentioned using them to hold extra fabric on Q-snap frames, but I didn't order them right away and then forgot why I had them there. I'm so absent-minded sometimes it's scary.

    Have a wonderful trip!

  7. All great projects.
    Isn't it great when you find an older design you've wanted?
    Stitching friends are the best!
    Those clips & glasses are interesting.
    Have fun, safe trip!

  8. Hope you have a fabulous time and you do see Kevin Costner. Give him a hug from me. 🤪

  9. Well, I'm sure you are having a fabulous time on your trip out west, Stasi, so you probably won't read this until you get back :) I had to laugh at you being so good at keeping your bag so lightweight. I, embarrassingly enough, went over the 50 pound limit for the first time ever and had to transfer some of my belongings into my husband's (thankfully underweight) bag right there in front of the Southwest counter! Luckily, it was quiet and the agent at the ticket counter couldn't have been nicer. I wish I had gotten his name to write a letter to compliment him.

    Love your projects and am thrilled for you that you were able to track down that older bee piece. It will be a beauty :) Can't wait to see photos of your trip--safe travels home!

  10. Love that you did the band sampler in green, my fav color!! It is beautiful. Are you going to keep it wrapped around a spool? So glad the kindness of another stitcher lent you the bee stitch. Looking forward to seeing it FFO.