Monday, May 13, 2019

Greetings Post Mother's Day

I have taken Mary's (Stitching Friends Forever) suggestion and put the date from my Samsarah calendar at the top of my post. Thanks Mary!

I  hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day either celebrating with your children and/or  your Mom. I had a very quiet Mother's Day (more on that later) after a very hectic day before. Saturday, my daughter's four children had to be in four different places all at, or about, the same time. We each were assigned one child..Rich took James to his soccer game, my SIL took Asher to baseball practice, my daughter took Esther to her dance recitals and I got Cora to rock climbing--whew!!! Somehow we did it and all managed to see Esther's second recital that afternoon. 

That explains my desire for a quiet Mother's Day! We were invited to my daughters for a breakfast treat; she had made Earl Grey honey scones and presented them on my gift of the most adorable bee platters. I love them and am on the hunt for more pieces!!!

Then it was home for a quiet day of stitching and binge watching Dead to Me on Netflix. I started a new project with a spring/summer feel to it, Carre' a' Abeilles by Jardin Prive'. A dear friend had given me this chart years ago and it's been set aside for other projects, but I've been wanting to get it started for awhile. I'm stitching it on 32 ct. cream Irish linen, over two, and have converted the DMC colors to Victorian Motto Shoppe fibers. My version will be a little bit brighter!

 Now the last time I posted I was on my way to OCMD for the DVHSG retreat. I did make it there Thursday afternoon but had to leave Saturday morning and drive unexpectedly to Baltimore. My Dad had been hospitalized for a bacterial infection he got from eating food prepared by someone who hadn't washed their hands--Ewwwww!!! He was dehydrated and weak. I had been checking on him daily but he was improving in the hospital. When I called my Mom Saturday morning, she was also sick, possibly from cleaning up after him. So, even though she wouldn't ask for it, I felt she needed some help. Luckily, we got her on antibiotics quickly and she bounced back. Dad had to go to a nursing home for 4 days, after a week in the hospital, to build his strength back up. But all is well now..he is home and itching to go to his Club and the Casino!!! I drove back up the following weekend, but with my hubby so I could get some stitching done in the car.... A Year of Celebrations, March, now has all the background in!

Other stitching news is my continuation on the iStitch SAL; I have completed week 12 and hope to do week 13 in the next day or so. Since I am also doing this as a SAL with the Delaware Valley Historical Sampler Guild, I added their initials in gold which a member kindly graphed out for us.

I also worked a bit on the Good Huswife bag, though I have to admit all the brown is a little depressing. I toyed with the idea of changing up the colors, but also liked the overall basic prim nature of the original......too late to change it now!!! :)

you can get an idea of the size of this puppy

this is the slit in the back for ease of stitching
So, I am teaching a flat fold finishing class at my local Guild on Thursday...and yes, I am nervous. I'm a bit of a fly by my pants finisher...part to eyeball rather than actually measure.. and part improvise when I feel the urge. But I watched Vonna of the Twisted Stitcher's video and it reinforced what I had already planned. The ladies will all be given 4X6 pieces of mat board and we will build an easel to mount a stitched piece on. They were asked to bring their own fabric to coordinate with their stitched piece. Here is my finished piece...a long time in the making!!! I stitched it in 2001 and it's been patiently waiting to be seen's a freebie from Waxing Moon called Boo Spider.  It was stitched on 26 ct. Hickory Heatherfield, over two, and I'm going to assume the called for colors. Can you believe I had that fabric with the eyeballs in my stash??? I tried to find a link for the free chart, but couldn't...probably too old!

Now here are a few fun purchases I made recently..... Oh how we are enabled by FB, IG and each other!!!

I saw this on is a knitting needle bag from JoAnn Fabrics that holds one of the Halo lamps perfectly. Great protection for traveling!!!

This I saw on's called a know I had to have it....the hive is felt and you keep it next to you to hold your loose threads (they "stick" to the felt). It is by That's so Kelly and she has an etsy shop. It also came with an adorable thread holder that snaps on and off and a scissor fob! This was a little Mother's Day gift to myself.

 My other Mother's Day gift, from my hubby, was a Lowery Stand. I'll be showing that at a later date as my brother, who's a welder, is going to make an extension bar so it will fit over the arm of my recliner. 

Last but not least.....a lady in my Guild had a credit card holder that worked perfectly to keep your needles stored in their original packets; she said it came from the Dollar store. Well, I searched about 4 stores and they didn't have them anymore, so off to Amazon I went. I found packs of four and bought a set for me and three for friends. Now these are great and I was very happy with mine UNTIL I saw this one at Tuesday Morning!!!

Such a great idea..don't ya think??? 

Thanks for hanging with me and your "twisted threads" of friendship! Have a great week!


PS I can't remember if I ever mentioned that I am on Instagram now @bee_stitcher. Come and follow my posts!!!   Okay, so I was going to use the word "buzzings" until I saw in the Urban dictionary all the references to getting high, intoxicated, tripping, etc.!!! :)



  1. Those Bee trays are too cute, and love that GH bag.
    Great idea for needles.
    I hope your parents are doing better.

  2. Your daughter's Mother's Day gift is JUST perfect! You know I am a fan of your Carre' a' Abeilles by Jardin Prive'!!!

  3. Glad to hear your parents have recovered from their bout with major ickies! What a cool idea for needle storage! Those scones look so yummy. Thanks for the tip about the knitting needle bag. Off to check them out! Your stitch projects all good super, Stasi.

  4. So sorry to be so late with my comments, Stasi--between traveling so much and now annoying wrist issues, I've not been on my computer much at all! I'm so sorry to hear about your dad, but happy that he has recovered. Poor guy--I know that takes a lot out of older folks (well, anyone, really!).

    Hope your flatfold teaching class went well. I have never made one myself--just prop my flat things up against a book, lamp, etc. I've even used a can of soup--ha ha!

    Beautiful stitching and lovely new bee dishes. What a delightful gift for you :)

    How did you like Dead To Me?

  5. Last thing first - just started up an Instagram myself (ugh, I have no idea what I'm doing yet) and have sent you a friend request.

    Continuing backwards and looking at your needle package holder thingy, I have to say GMTA - I love mine and now it's so much easier to find stuff in my little stitching accessory bag.

    You're working on some beautiful projects! The new iStitch sampler looks great, and that Good Huswife bag is going to be amazing. Is it like a colonial pocket?

    (sorry to comment so very late - am so far behind)