Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Salty Yarns Jamboree 2018

Thanks to those of you who commented on my last post; I have figured out how to watermark my photos and will use that along with shooting from an angle to show any finished projects. I apologize if they will not be the most clear shots, but hopefully you will still be able to enjoy my projects while dissuading those that have taken advantage in the past. Enough said...time to move on!!!

I've had a lot going on the past week with my husband. He had two injuries occur while volunteering at our local state park, one that involved a trip to the ER and  29 stitches in one finger. It could have been much worse and we are thankful, but he's a tough ole bird and has only had to take a few Advil for pain. 

I did want to share a short recap (Cliff Notes edition) of my weekend at Salty Yarns for their annual Jamboree. With all that's been going on, it's a miracle I can remember any of it!!! I drove down Thursday ahead of the storms and got myself settled in. This is the goodie bag we received upon check in.....and yes, everything in these two photos and our stretcher bars and tacks for one of the classes.

Dinner that evening with a few ladies and bed with howling winds and lots of rain pelting my window.

Friday, I got up and walked the boards, a beautiful morning after the previous evening. This always makes a great start to the day.  I helped cut fabric in the shop until lunch time; there were already quite a few ladies that had checked in. Then I just did had a little retail therapy and chatted with friends.

The official weekend started that night with Sara's delicious lasagna dinner followed by a cocktail, hors d'oeuvres and dessert reception...we are so spoiled!!!

Saturday, my first class was with Sharon Verbos of the Purple Thread. She has the rights to reproduce some items from the Winterthur collection and we got the first one as our class project. This was a wallet that a wife made for her husband and it is lovely...perhaps too lovely for a man. I know I'd be very afraid of what my hubby would do to it!!! Then a 2 hour break for lunch.

My second class was with Beth Twist from Heartstring Samplery. This had required quite a bit of pre-stitching but most everyone came out of class with two finished pieces and were quite pleased. The circular piece we had pre-stitched was the top for an adorable tin  box. Her finishing instructions were excellent and this was her first attempt at teaching a finishing class. As part of her class we received a cute little matching scissor minder and three beautiful glass pins from which to hang a strawberry.  

 Saturday evening there was a wine and dessert bar in the lobby and time for chatting with attendees. 

Sunday morning I had my last class with Kathy Rees from  Needle Delights. This was a counted canvas class, something I hadn't done before. The blue version is the actual class piece, but we could choose other colorways and I chose a more neutral palette.

After the last class we are free to hang out as long as we like and I checked out my bag of purchases. I LOVE this new chart from Rosewood Manor and Sharon had done a special kit for Salty Yarns where she printed an actual photo of the Lankford Hotel on fabric to use on the cool is that?

We stayed and stitched in the lobby that evening since it wasn't so crowded.....with 60 ladies, it can be a little overwhelming but it's so fun to see what everyone else is working on!!! I usually stay an extra night so I can drive home and not have to worry about traffic.  

Monday morning had me on the road home.... and tomorrow morning will find me on the road back to OCMD. Yes, I'm driving up there again for the annual Halloween/ CA  weekend.   The back story is that CA Wells cancelled out, at the last minute,  on a class weekend about 10-11 years ago, but the ladies still got together to stitch and had a "wake" in CA's absence. They continue to do this every year and since I was signed up for those original classes, I try to go when I can. This is a go to year.... after making sure that Rich can take care of himself one handed!!!! I'll be back next week to tell you all about it. 

Thanks so much for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Stasi, I enjoyed reading your recap of Jamboree. What a cool goodie bag to receive. I was a recipient of one of those mini clip on gadgets shown in the 2nd picture. What a glorious sunrise following the storm! Enjoyed seeing the projects you had during Jamboree! I look forward to reading about your next adventure in OCMD. Safe travels!

  2. Oh poor Rich! I am shocked he had 29 stitches in ONE finger!! Wow! What a lovely time had. Great goodies.

  3. That is so nice of Rich to volunteer at the park, such a shame he suffered such an injury while doing a good deed.
    I enjoyed the Jamboree recap, love the Beth Twist project. Sounds like a great time was had by everyone. So glad you didn't quit blogging. I try to be careful with the quality of my photos so they can't be stitched from.

  4. I've missed so much Stasi. I've been gone most of the month at the beach thanks to some wonderful friends that let us stay at their beach house. I enjoyed your Jamboree adventure. It sounded like a blast. Something I would love to do one of these days. I especially loved the Beth Twist project too. I finished a big band sampler by her this past week and I really love it.

    We went to our favorite seafood place in St. Augustine and I thought about you. It is the couple from Ocean City that make the very best crab cakes I've ever tasted. It is always such a treat.

    I'm going to be reading your posts I missed and I will leave belated comments. RJ