Saturday, June 9, 2018

Swinging by with a new Stroll Piece (463)

Greetings fellow stitchers!!! I hope you aren't meeeelting away like I did this morning at the girls first swim meet. It was unbearably humid a early as 8:00AM and by the end of the meet, I sure could have used a dip in the pool. Here's a shot of Cora where I asked her to look "fierce" before one of her heats. Esther is also on the team but was anxious about how it all worked, so she sat this one out and observed. If you're wondering about the writing on her hand, they write their heat and lane #'s on their hand so they know the where and when of their race.

 Now on to the Stroll addition... James's birthday is next Saturday so I thought I'd make him a pillow for his room like I did for Asher. James enjoys his football (soccer) so I chose Play Soccer by Sue Hillis. I stitched it on 18 count Mountain Mist with #5 Perle cotton and backed it with some soccer fabric I found at JoAnn's. It's approximately 18" square and I hope he likes it as much as Asher liked his.

 It hasn't been much of a stitch filled week, but I'm hoping to remedy that this evening. We've done some babysitting, sleepover, field day and tomorrow have 2-3 baseball games..... the weather will determine how many of them I get through!!!

So stay cool, hydrated and thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!


P.S. Blogger has stopped sending me e-mails when a comment is made so it's become necessary for me to go and check the blog itself to see if someone left a comment. If I am not as timely responding as I like, that is why...and I may miss some if you are commenting on an older post. So, it is important if you'd like a response from me.... and I do want to respond....that you add your e-mail if you are set up as a "no-reply blogger". Thanks!


  1. Cora cracks me up! I hope both girls did well? The pillow looks fabulous. It is not hot here at all. Our high is only in the 60's today and tomorrow!

  2. Hope the girls had a good meet! Cora looked mad so I am glad she was looking fierce. Love the soccer pillow you created for James! Bet he will as well! Enjoy your stitching this evening, Stasi. Stay cool and hydrated!

  3. Ohmigoodness, time for the first meet already? I lived and breathed swim team for twelve years and empathize with your, er, steamy feeling. Cora's fierce look is wonderful!

    And James's pillow came out beautifully - what great fabric you found for it!

  4. I'm sure James will love his soccer pillow--it is perfect :) Hope both girls enjoy the swim meets and Cora continues to be fierce!!