Sunday, April 8, 2018

Some Weekend Stitching.....

We had a busy week here, with my younger daughter visiting and the grands being on spring break. So, not much stitching was accomplished until the weekend. I was able to complete week 15 (we're past the halfway point) on the Red Band Sampler SAL.

And I managed to get the blackwork band on Celtic Banner done, even with a visit from the frog. I had about 3/4 of the band stitched when I realized I was off center by two stitches--UGH!!! As I've matured on my stitching journey, I've learned to sometimes let this go...but not this time. I knew this would eat at me every time I looked at the piece....sooooo...out it came. Luckily, it wasn't that large of a section and was rectified quickly. How do you all feel about this type of issue? Can you "live" with errors or do you have to remove and start over? Or does it depend, like me, on the it really noticeable? Is it more trouble than it's worth to take out? Could you damage the linen while frogging and create more of a problem? Does it give you an opportunity to change things up and make the design your own?

 I got an e-mail this morning from a major cross stitch retailer saying they were going to an all downloadable format for their store. They will not be selling hard copies of charts, fabric, fibers, etc. ..... only charts that you print out yourself. I have conflicted feelings about this! Yes it is a quick, convenient way to get a chart and you save on shipping, but I have not found downloadable charts to be much less expensive than a hard copy. I'd much rather have a good quality chart than a piece of copy paper with mediocre color images....or will we have to invest in expensive home printers? And then there is the instant gratification thing...everybody needs everything yesterday...what about the excitement of waiting for the mailman to deliver a special package? On the other have to do what you have to do to make a success of your business...times are tough for small businesses, so I understand the need for alternate ways of selling. It just makes me sad....I love a brick and mortar shop...what do you think? And now, I'm off my soapbox!!!

 Another busy week is in the works....a visit with friends to start to plan a trip to Yellowstone, a trip to Baltimore to get my parents and bring them back for a visit with their great-grands, soccer games, baseball games, babysitting, a haircut and all the usual chores and errands. Whew...I thought I was retired!!!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!


  1. I generally will frog an error, if it's an obvious error there is no way I could leave it. Despite being busy you still accomplished some stitching.

    You have a busy week ahead of you, planning a trip to Yellowstone is so exciting! I have been there numerous times and RJ is a big fan of the park also. I know we will both be envious!! Just make sure your not there while Sturgis is going on.

    That is disappointing the store is no longer selling hard copies. I wish I had a store close to me. It's a much nicer shopping experience to see the goods in person than online. I have seen charts that I was unimpressed with online and then after seeing them stitched I had to have them. I much prefer shopping at a independently owned store than a big business.
    Have a safe trip picking up your parents and enjoy your busy week!

  2. Your Red Band Sampler is looking good as is Celtic Banner, Stasi. I will rip out if it is noticeable (i.e., the borders don't meet or it is off center or messes up with the symmetrical look of the design). At other times, I will fudge it.

    What a shame that shop is moving to selling PDFs designs only! I prefer buying hard copies of charts; I am not in a rush plus I love getting those packages in the mailbox.

    Have a safe journey to and from Baltimore! Enjoy your planning time with your friends.

  3. Great progress and some thought provoking. Frogging? hmm, for me it depends on the piece and the error. It is one reason I like cross stitch better than knitting....because I can compensate if necessary. Charts - I too like the leaflets we purchase. Yes, downloads are quick and instant but if the cover photo or chart itself is color coded there is no way if you know your printing prints it right. I guess it would depend on the pattern. A simple pattern versus complicated.

  4. I almost always rip out my mistakes Stasi. I prefer true charts to PDFs.

  5. Oh, a planning session for a trip to Yellowstone! That sounds wonderful, Stasi. Someplace I hope to visit someday soon :)

    You had a very busy week and another coming up--pretty stitching in spite of a lack of time. If I make a mistake, I just take it on a case by case basis. In your case, I would have had to fix it, too :)

  6. Funny how busy we get when we retire; isn't it? I very seldom let a mistake go. My husband thinks I'm nuts. "No one would ever notice." he says. I've done a lot of ripping out recently with a design I've been working on because I don't like the way it was designed. Haha.

  7. Still loving to watch your progress on the red band SAL, and Celtic Banner looks marvelous - beautiful blackwork section.

    To your questions, you know I frog when it feels "not right" (that blue flower finished up fine, btw!), but if frogging is unfeasible, I try hard to adjust to make the error blend in.

    Despite having just purchased .pdf versions of two Betsy Morgan designs, I much prefer "real" charts and being able to browse a brick and mortar LNS (I so wish there was one around here!!). Partly it's the tactile thing of being able to touch the fibers and feel the hand of the fabric, but it's so nice to find something you *weren't* looking for just because you went around that spinny rack.

  8. Deciding to frog - it just depends on how visible it is. On the design I just finished, I was off on the border by two or three stitches. Since it wasn't a repeating border, I just added the extra stitches about 2" above where they should have been.

    I also prefer real charts to PDF files. However, a lot of my friends are now download PDFs to their iPads/tablets, and using some sort of software program to view them. They can zoom in closer if needed, and they can also "highlight" where they've already stitched. I don't think I'm ready for that (nor do I have a iPad or tablet), but it's a valuable resource for those who do.

  9. Your Stitching is so beautiful...I love it....You are making great progress on them.

    Happy Stitching XX

    Linda K, Buttercup

  10. Great progress on your wips, they are looking lovely.