Saturday, August 13, 2016

Binging and Stitching.....or Stitching and Binging.....

......either way I am getting a lot accomplished. Of course, I don't have much else to do here at the cabin and to be's starting to get a little old. I wish I had my finishing supplies here to break up the stitching but I don't so, whoa is me, I have to stitch (very tongue in cheek)!!! BTW, I've been binge watching Cedar Cove from the Hallmark channel.

Things are going to liven up soon however. Not sure how long ago, or if, I shared this but my daughter has been on a list to adopt two children from Sierra Leone for almost 2 years. Lots of waiting, red tape, dealing with different cultures, patience and faith on her part. But she finally has a court date and she and her hubby will be traveling there in a couple weeks. We have been "on call" for when this might happen to go take care of our grandchildren; we received the call yesterday and are starting to plan accordingly. Sadly, they won't be bringing the children home this trip but it brings them one step closer. Fingers crossed they are with us by Christmas--what a gift that would be!!!! So if you can spare a prayer or positive thought for them, it would be much appreciated. 

For my next project I decided to take on Maria Katarin's Mexican Reticule, the second class I took in June from Betsy Morgan. This is not my usual color palette but I am enjoying the bright colors and different stitches. The most challenging stitch is the Aztec stitch and I'm showing my practice piece from class. There are linen threads that must be cut for this stitch, so the execution of such on the reticule will take my utmost attention...not to mention extremely sharp scissor points!!! Please don't let me screw up...please don't let me screw up may become my mantra!!!

Front of reticule

Aztec Stitch
 Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship! Be cool!!!



  1. I am praying!! How wonderful! :D
    I can't help thinking of the pile you are creating, and the dread of finishing so many things at one time!!

  2. Interesting stitch that Aztec Stitch! Thanks for sharing an up-close shot of it. Stasi, your daughter and family are in my prayers for a successful trip on this journey to adopt. Thinking of you!

  3. Hiya Stasi,
    I feel your pain. I stitched a band sampler in the late '90s that included a section of cut threads. That thing sat for three years before I got up the nerve to cut the threads. It came out fine, though. Use really sharp and pointed ginghers or other good quality scissor. Excellent news on the grandkids, hope all works out well for everyone.

  4. Hoping everything goes smoothly with the adoption. Glad you have so much time to stitch!

  5. Congrats to your and your daughters family. How special. And wow, you are in stitching overdrive. I watched Cedar Cove and was sad to not have it renewed. But all is not lost, Chesapeake Shores starts tonight. Looks like it will be very similar as Cedar Cove but east coast based. Good like isn't your Aztec stitch

  6. Praying for a quick and smooth adoption! It's a wonderful thing your daughter is doing.