Thursday, July 14, 2016

A Cabin in the Woods

Well, we closed on our house this past Monday and have moved on to our little cabin in the woods for the next two months. It's tight and it's cluttered----I think we brought way to much "stuff" not knowing what we'd need..or not. But it's only the hubby and me, so we'll be fine...and hopefully still talking on the other end. I think we're both looking for a little downtime after the frenzy of the last few months. I'm going to share a few photos of the cabin (this was before we moved in) because it is so cute and has a fabulous view out the back.

Do you get that 70's vibe??? My daughter is calling it a "Brady Bunch" house.

I have managed to get some stitching done this week. I brought a number of kits with me so I'd have everything I need together. I decided to start on one from Jackie Du Plessis called Black-Eyed Susans Workbox with Smalls. I thought it appropriate since I'm a Maryland girl (even though I've lived in other states) and it's the state flower. It's not a lot of stitching and I even thought I could get the finishing done. But, at the last minute, I decided to pack my finishing supplies, as it was just more "stuff" to bring. I may regret that decision!!!

I did make a mistake right out of the gate (that's my Preakness reference) and used the wrong color floss for the backstitching---it should have been the darker gold. But I think I like it this way and am cool with it. I did change the center of the flowers to a dark brown so they would be truly "black-eyed". So, here are the photos and I have to say upfront the fabric color is showing up MUCH lighter than it is. The fabric is a very beautiful, rich gold tone. (If I had my DMC color chart, I'd give you an approximation...but, of course, it is packed!!!  (I wonder how many times I'm going to say that over the next two months!)

Box liner band

bead storage roll

button bag

scissor fob

 Well, that's it for now. If it's hot where you are be careful and stay in the A/C. They are calling for temps in the 90's here for the next week.

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!  Keep cool!



  1. The stitching looks great! and that is a cute little cabin. I bet there will be so little housekeeping to do that you'll get a lot done.

    1. That's what i'm counting on!!! Pardon the pun!

  2. Just as hot here. I am doing the same as you, staying in stitching. Have fun in your Brady Bunch cabin. ;)

  3. Oh Stasi, what a cute cabin in the woods. If I didn't know better, I would say it looks like the little cabin down the road from me. Your progress on the Black-Eyed Susans work box and smalls looks great. Stay cool!

  4. Your cabin is charming! I hope your stay there will be like a mini vacation for you. I hope you packed enough stitching to keep you busy until you are reunited with your stash!

    1. Thanks Margaret--I think I've got enough to carry me through! :)