Saturday, November 7, 2015

Another Stocking Stitched

Well, I've been working like crazy and got the adoptive grandson's stocking stitched. I do love these Shepherds Bush stockings as they stitch up pretty quickly (18 count over 2) and are a good size for filling (wish mine was this big)!!!  I did Oliver's Stocking for him and used fibers I had on hand including #5 perle cotton, Impressions and Tweedie. I substituted some stitched "gifts" with JABCO buttons that fit perfectly and added other embellishments/beads where needed. 

I did venture up to Discount Fabrics USA and found a nice backing fabric for the boy; I'm using some from my stash for the girl. I even managed to snag a couple  dupioni silks that will , hopefully, come in handy some day. The one on the left is a dark forest green plaid, and on the right, a pale blue stripe on cream.

 I had shared a sewing stand I recently bought in my last post and was asked to show a photo of it opened. Cathy B--this is for you!

For curious minds, the stand is 29 " tall (from floor to top of barrel) and the barrel measurement is 12" wide by 9" high.

Now, hopefully stitchers will understand the following and why I'm tickled--non-stitchers, not so much.  I have a tale of woe, possibly not for the weak of stomach, to share:  I had a lump (lypoma) removed from my upper left thigh 12 days ago. On day ten I was able to remove the stitches, which I did myself. (Okay stitchers, I used a pair of those inexpensive "rainbow" scissors to cut the stitches and they worked great--very fine tips!!!) All went well until today when I went to change the band-aid and saw the incision had split open about 1/2 inch. So, off to Urgent Care and two more sutures. Here's the happy part--the doctor gave me the suture scissors (note the cute purple protective tip-it's hard to see) and tweezers! The scissors are really sharp and will certainly come in handy. However,I think I'll be letting the professionals remove these stitches when the time comes. So much for my little saga--all is well now!!!

I'm on to stitching Christmas gifts, so probably won't be sharing much of that until after they are given to their respective recipients. But I might do sneak peeks--who knows!!!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!




  1. The stocking is wonderful...those buttons are great embellishments! Yikes on the sutures...although I've taken out a few myself here and there. Nice that they gave you the scissors. I still have a hemostat I used when Nick was an infant and I had to change ties on a tracheostomy...they come in handy now and then. Good luck with the Christmas gifts... that's what I'm working on too so not much to post.

  2. The stocking is lovely and so special because you had to sort out colours and extra embellishments ...I am sure your silk will come in handy and thank you for sharing the inside and measurements of your fabulous find. I wonder what is going in there....😘

  3. The stocking and fabrics are lovely but on to more important things......removing your own stitches! As directed or by design? As directed, I get. I once was sent home with a catheter from a nicked bladder and given instructions on how to removed it ten days later but....then again there is always my husband's method of removing stitches himself when he is feed up. Hope everything it ok with the lump and thigh. Take care.

    1. Robin, The doctor gave me the option of doing it myself or coming in to the office. Since I had removed them before for my hubby, I knew I could handle it. Unfortunately, it must have been too soon, even though I did it the day I would have gone to the doctors. Lesson learned!!! All is well!

  4. Stasi,

    The stocking is beautiful! What a lucky grandson. Sorry to hear about the incision opening, again. Glad you were able to get it stitched up so quickly.

  5. Okay, girlfriend, you are getting the wonder woman cape from me. I don't know how you could remove your own stitches. I'd be passed out on the floor. I seriously do not have the stomach for such adventures. You go girl!