Wednesday, January 29, 2014

One little mermaid completed...........

I've finished stitching one side of the mermaid purse and am on to the second.

I'm on the hunt for the buttons that are called for; the company Sherri recommends has gone out of business. I'm looking for 2 small MOP fish and a larger one, but think something with a "beachy" theme also may work. If anyone knows of a good button store in Baltimore or on line, please let me know.

And....speaking of "beachy", I am heading off to Ocean City tomorrow for an annual stitching retreat with friends. We will shop the Salty Yarns super bowl sale and stitch to our hearts content. We always make Cincinnati chili one night and try to hit our favorite food joints the rest of the time. That can be difficult since most are closed at this time of the year, but we somehow never go hungry!

So I am off to pack and make Rich his favorite casserole for meals while I'm gone. Thanks goodness he is so self sufficient!!!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. What fun to have a girlfriends getaway on the beach even if it's cold out. Enjoy your chili! There's just nothing like it! So so good! I'll keep an eye out for the buttons.

  2. Enjoy your retreat! Your Mermaid is looking gorgeous