Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Down By the Sea..............

I'm off to Ocean City, MD tomorrow morning for my much anticipated classes with Sherri Jones. Of course, I'm heading down a little early for some  R&R and shopping therapy. Boardwalk, Sunset Grille, Wockenfuss, Anthony's I come!!!  I'll need the boardwalk to help walk off the extra calories from the other places!

But first, I'm stopping at a book sale in Hagerstown. I went there for the first time 4 years ago and found the first 12 issues of Sampler and Antique Needlework magazine. I had literally been looking for them for 15 years, in hopes of not having to pay the astronomical prices they can go for on E-bay. So when I stumbled across them for 50 cents an issue, I could hardly contain myself. I wanted to scream, jump up and down and do a "happy dance". Instead, I quietly hugged them to my chest with a "cat who caught the canary" look on my face. I haven't found quite the treasure since, but am always hopeful. The funniest part of this story is a friend of mine found 10 of the 12 the very same day at a book sale in PA for 10 CENTS an issue!!!!!  An amazing coincidence!!!

So, I will try to post some photos when I get back..or possibly there...if I have time.

Now, on to my last minute preparations!!!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Have a fun and nice stay and enjoy your class, love to hear about it later on:)
    Many warm hugs,
    Anette & Skruttan