Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Some Cool Stitching..........

Well, this one has been a long time's been my "car" project for the last few years, worked on only when we were traveling hither and yon...and, of course, when I was not the one driving!!!

We used to sell these limited kits at Twisted Threads every year and had a number of avid collectors. I could never bring myself to pay the asking price and, though I loved them, would pass every year. (I did have two girls to put through college at the time) A few years ago I noticed some one selling it  on the internet and was able to purchase (I also got the 2000 LE Santa) at a very reasonable price--YIPPEE!!! The fact that it was stitched on 19 count Cork Linen, over two,  is what allowed me to be able to work on this in the car. Sadly, I can't seem to work on smaller counts while moving. :(  

He ( I guess I should name him at some point...may have the grand kids help with that) stands frostily at 16 inches high and 8 inches wide. He was stitched with Anchor floss and Gumnut wool for the scarf. It was quite puzzling, however, that only 2 skeins of floss was included for the  light colored part of the body. I wound up having to buy 12 more skeins and used all but one! I think I wound up needing extra of the star color too, but can't remember for sure. Luckily I had plenty of the wool as that would have been difficult to come by. I added the 5 ceramic stars that I found in my stash to add a little dimension. The heart that's sitting in the wire came with the kit and is made of paper. I am already having issues with it as it keeps falling off and I know is going to get bent, torn and/or mutilated . I think I'm going to come up with something else....maybe some Mill Hill snowflakes

So, without further's my guy!!!
2000 LE Snowman from Ewe and Eye and Friends

A happy smiling face
Here is a photo of the backing fabric. I bought it years ago when I was living in Cincinnati from a shop up in the Dayton area called Kindred Spirits. They did a line of fabrics at some point and this was one of them. It appears a little more "blue" than it actually is....more of an olive green..... but you can probably understand why I picked it.

I'm moving along on my Barbara Jackson class piece and will post photo of that soon. 
On the home front, it has been absolutely gorgeous here, weather-wise, the last couple of weeks. The sky is always its most brilliant blue at this time of year and never fails to make me smile!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads' of friendship!



  1. He is quite a handsome fellow! I remember those kits too but never got one -- and considering how much I love snowmen I'm not sure why I passed on them .... probably the price - LOL! I love the extra embellishments - they really add to the piece. Enjoy the weather - its gotten cooler here too - thank goodness!

  2. hihi what a lovely little snow-guy:) love the style and the embellishments and his adorable little hat!

    Sounds lovely with great weather for you over there.
    We have autumn here, lovely and crisp.

    Take care,