Sunday, October 29, 2017


Okay, so this sounds a little out of season but Curtis Boehringer designed a series of snowmen, one for each month, back around 1995. They were .50 a card if you can believe that. I started the series but didn't get too far (3) and I have no desire at this point to go back and complete the set. I'm sharing September (which I forgot to show last month) and October. They really are cute but, alas, my tastes have changed!

As for what I purchased yesterday at the Gatchellville Store, I kept myself in check and didn't buy too much, though ....oh so very tempting!!! You all would love this place...chock full of goodies as you could see from yesterday's photos. I need to go back with friends of a like mind and spend a few hours. It's tough when you have people with you who aren't interested.....and you're starving out in the middle of nowhere. Sadly, it's about a 4 1/2 hour drive from where I live but, my brother's house was only about an hour's ride.

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. I remember those snowmen. I stitched the stitching-related snow lady as a gift. What fun goodies you came home with!

  2. Thanks for the information on Gatcheville did not realize that it was so close to me,it is amazing what you learn reading blogs.

    1. Glad I could help Joyce...definitely worth a trip!

  3. Oh I bet the series of snowmen are cute. I love buttons! What fun ones you chose. :)

  4. Stasi, you know I love those buttons!! Are those Czech buttons on that pretty card? And, what are your plans for all the green ones? I could spend hours just looking at the buttons alone.