Friday, October 6, 2017

House on the Hill.....(279)

Today's Stroll piece is House on the Hill Beckons to Thee by Merry Cox. This was a class I took in Delaware through Criss Cross Row back in 2006. It is a lined Shaker box with stationary handle (which made photographing a bit of a challenge). There are pockets on either side of the handle that hold sweet little goodies like my scissors, a scrimshaw ruler, a needlebook, a tiny notebook and a short, antique mechanical pencil. There is a heart pinkeep that hangs off the handle too. I display some sewing tools in the bottom..... a wood darner, a tatting tool, a wooden spool of thread, a button hook, waxer, small ladies etiquette book and a beautiful piece of scrimshaw by Marcy Wharton. The verse (composed  by Merry) on a side pocket reads:
 "House on the hill beckons to thee......
  Is it the flowers so fragrant and light
Or is it my heart longing thy sight .....
House on the hill beckons to thee. 

I finished up the pincushion for My Stitcher's Heart last night, so only the finishing awaits.

 I have recently discovered podcasts and figured out how to download on my phone to listen while I walk. I've been listening to a book based on Harry Potter's son, James and have been pleasantly's not bad! I'm only 5 chapters in but Benjamin Franklin is part of a contingent of wizards who have traveled from America to Hogwarts for the school year; he's actually a teacher and over 300 years old!!! I am intrigued and can't wait to see where this goes.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. This is very gorgeous Stasi. I love to listen to audio books. I listen while I stitch. ;) I read paper books while I walk the treadmill. I a was forced to switch to the treadmill years ago, due to my hip disability. I can't handle any inclines or declines. They trigger my nerve pain so much.

  2. Another beautiful Merry Cox piece - yay! And what a perfect way to show off your special treasures - that button hook is lovely! Hmmm... think I have my mother's (? grandmother's?) darning egg somewhere - I remember using it on my favorite pair of socks in high school - will have to unearth it. Same style as yours but with a light wood finish.

    Good for you on figuring out how to download podcasts - have not gotten my daughter to teach me that skill yet, perhaps on her next visit. The book sounds like fun.

  3. Stasi, I love this little shaker box filled with the tools of days gone by. The button hook and wooden darner I bet most kids today would have no idea of what they are. I remember my grandmothers using those wooden darners, I wish I had them. Love the pretty border and the little verse stitched. What a great project!!

  4. Stasi, you have so many great projects that you have made. This is such a lovely stitch. RJ

  5. Your Shaker carrier finish is stunning, Stasi. Wow! Congratulations to you on getting your pincushion all stitched up.