Sunday, October 8, 2017

A Little Pumpkin Etui..... (281)

Strolling by today on a hopefully rainy Sunday---we haven't had any rain since the beginning of September! Looks like a little drizzle came down last night but we need more than that!!!

Anyhow, my Stroll piece for today is Pumpkin Etui by Praiseworthy Stitches. The kit came in a little plastic pumpkin and includes a"pumpkin" pincushion, needlebook and scissor fob. I know the ribbons and fabric came with the kit but I can't remember if I added the beads to the fob or they came with the kit....I am losing it!!! It was stitched in 2011...thank goodness I have that written down! :)

I'm all caught up with the Blue Band Sampler SAL---week 25---only 3 more to go!!! I have really enjoyed this project and just signed up for the 2018 Red Band Sampler SAL.

Love this alphabet

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. The Pumpkin Etui is darling, and has such a different look. Fun that it came with the related pumpkin goodies.

    Blue Band Sampler is looking so nice - good for you for keeping up! It's easy to see why you've already decided to do next year's also.

  2. Well the Pumpkin Etui is just the cutest. I love it.

    The Blue Band Sampler is coming along so beautifully. It's a great stitch. RJ

  3. Now that is just darling, Stasi!.....and you are NOT losing it!!

    1. Thanks...but sometimes that memory seems to be slip sliding away!!! :)

  4. Oh this pumpkin set is really cute! Those two birds put a smile on my face. ;)

  5. The pumpkin set is adorable. I spy the year on it with the 2 cute little crows! Glad you signed up for next years band sampler, it's fun watching your progress each week.

  6. Your pumpkin etui is darling. Way to go on getting caught up on your band SAL piece!