Tuesday, October 17, 2017

A Two-fer....(289,290)

I'm sorry but I was just too pooped to pop yesterday after I got home; it always amazes me how tired you get while sitting in a car driving. So, after a quick trip to Home Depot with the hubby to pick out pavers for a small patio and throwing in a load of laundry and scheduling our car inspections, I can finally sit down to blog. Warning...this may be a long one with lots of photos!!!

First I'll post my Stroll pieces...two of them in fact since I missed yesterdays. My 'should have been Monday' Stroll piece is Sampler Band Shaker Box and Accessories by Merry Cox, stitched in 2004.

Box inside with attached pincushion
Accessory Fronts (clockwise L to R) Scissor Holder Case w. Pincushion, Thimble Pocket, Tape Measure Pocket (I have buttons in mine) and Pin Keep.


Case Inside

Case Inside
Next is today's Stroll piece, Holiday Season (Autumn) by Birds of A Feather, stitched in 2003-2004. 

Now on to my Jamboree recap.....I had a wonderful time, as usual. The crew at the Lankford/Salty Yarns are always so welcoming and make us feel like family. I got there a day early (Thursday) so I don't hit traffic on the way and left on Monday again so I miss traffic. This gives me lots of time to roam Salty Yarns and start my "bag". Everyone gets a bag with a cute name tag (now made by Sally) that you can place your purchases in over the weekend and then check out on Sunday as you ready to leave. Now my bag has been recycled, I think this is my fourth time reusing, and has seen better days but as long as it carries my stash I'm a happy camper. 

Friday evening is the start of the official festivities with a homemade lasagna dinner followed by a reception with appetizers and desserts. Sara makes most of the food and desserts and really outdid herself this time. A disclaimer...(this one's for you Sally)....Sally makes the chocolate covered peanut butter cookies!!! :) Everything was delish!!!
Saturday at 9:00AM we start our first class, followed by lunch and the second class at 2:00PM. I shared those classes on the  October 14th post but here is some of the stitching I got done on the Milady's Needle class piece.

Saturday evening we are on our own for dinner but there is a dessert buffet around 7ish. Again, yummy, yummy desserts especially the creme brulee made by Sara---it was so hard to choose! Stitching and chatting usually follow in the lobby in the evenings.

Sunday morning was the third and final class. This was a gold work class called Gilded Three Petal Lily by Deborah Merrick-Wilson. I have never attempted gold work before and am happy too report it is not as intimidating as I thought. Here is what I accomplished in class.

After that class, the retreat is officially over, people finish up their shopping and start to leave, but a number of ladies stay over until Monday. It is always a wonderful time and so fun to reconnect with old friends and make a few new ones. 

We always get a goodie pack jam packed with amazing items and this time was no exception. Hers are a few shots of what we received....and we also received the stretcher bars and tacks for the gold work class.

This cute box held a $20 gift certificate for Salty Yarns

I did manage to get some more stitching done on the Leaping Stag.

And, Sally, Debbie and I worked on getting our boxes for My Stitcher's Heart painted and decoupaged Sunday after the retreat ended.

Monday always rolls around way too quickly and I have to leave this special place, but it's always with fond memories and a look to my next visit. 

Thanks for sticking with me through this lengthy post and for your "twisted threads" of friendship!





  1. What a fabulous two-fer post! It looked like you got some great goodies to add to your stash. Your goldwork piece looks interesting. Thanks for sharing your time at the Jamboree with us.

  2. Wow! Your Jamboree was jam packed that is for sure. Fun!

  3. Another lovely Merry Cox set - yay! I especially like the needlebook - Merry always made the scissor holder spots a bit different even though similar to ones from her other ones.

    So glad you enjoyed your goldwork class as I know you were excited (and perhaps just a tiny touch apprehensive?) about it. Looks like your entire weekend was a lot of fun.

  4. I love the Merry Cox set, the shaker box with stitched lining is finished so well. Such a pretty green and pink color combo. The Halloween stitch is a fun one.
    Driving is exhausting, especially after a fun filled weekend.
    Is the gold work crewel stitching but with gold thread? What a great gift bag you received too! Hope you got your beach walks in too...

  5. I love the Merry Cox set--another of her classes I had wanted to take but never was able to--sigh . . .
    And you summed up why Salty Yarns is my absolute favorite venue for classes. It's like a homecoming every time!

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