Sunday, July 16, 2017

The house that Stasi built.....(197)

I'm starting off today with a shot of the progress on my WTNT Schoolhouse piece. The house is built and I can move on to other sections. Yea!!!

The Stroll piece today is an older Bent Creek called All in a Row, stitched in 1996. I love alphabets; I've stitched so many my family used to ask me if I'd learned it yet? I incorporated a freebie, also by Bent Creek, with numbers below the letters. Sorry about the flash glare; I had trouble with this shot.

I'm so happy about the following "share". My 6 year old granddaughter went to a camp this past week on fiber arts,  held at Hobby Lobby. She learned some sewing, stitching, weaving and needle felting. She gifted me her needle felted project, so sweet! I am tickled to death she has an interest in this art and am going to do my best to keep promoting it. Maybe I will have someone to leave my stash and legacy to after all !!!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. What a precious gift to receive from your granddaughter, Stasi! Congratulations on finishing your house construction; it looks super. I remember that design featured in today's stroll piece and I like how you incorporated the number complimentary design with it. Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. congratulations to your granddaughter! Love her color sense--she will go far!

  3. Love the house! Your granddaughter chose some great colors!! :D

  4. House seem to take forever and you got this one done quickly. Your family's comment about learning your Abc's gave me a good laugh!
    So happy to hear your granddaughter is interested in fiber arts and she is fortunate to have a grandmother to instill an appreciation in it and how sweet that she gave you her creation.

  5. What a sweet gift from your granddaughter...and isn't it grand to have someone to share the love of needlework with? I know you will encourage her every chance you get.

    Your house looks great... haven't started mine yet which is par for my course... I'll jump in soon just too many other projects calling my name. Have a great week...try to stay cool...thank goodness for AC...LOL