Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Milady's Petite Sewing Box (82)

I'm all packed and ready to go..OCMD here I come!!! But before I'm off, here is the stroll piece for today, Milady's Petite Sewing Box by Merry Cox. This was a class I took in 2006. I documented all the places I had lived up to this point on the top and bottom. 

Top of Box

Front of Box

Back of Box

Bottom of Box

Sides of Box

Smalls (front)

Smalls (back)
 So, now my dilemna.......we moved do I document that???

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Dream a Little Dream.... (81)

Todays piece is another freebie, this time from Twisted Threads. It is called Itty Bitty Stars and Moon and is finished in a small tin frame. I have it setting in my guest bedroom, leaning on the lamp on the night table.

 I'm packing today for my trip to Ocean City for two classes with Catherine Theron, Strawberry Sewing Purse and Wee Sampler Book

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Beekeeper's Cottage Etui

We must interrupt this regularly scheduled program for a news flash..... I got the smalls done!!!! Yea!!!! ( sorry for two posts in one day but I couldn't wait)! OMG and is it cute! I'll refresh your memories; this is Beekeeper's Cottage Etui by Carolyn Standing Webb. I showed the cottage the other day; I'll share the smalls now. Clockwise from upper left: Sunflower Pinkeep, Pansy Needlebook, Thimble Skep, Rose Tape Measure and Forget Me Not Scissors Fob. I stitched everything as called for but added a bee button to the skep and a bee "pull" to the tape measure. I  also did a different bee on the "how doth the busy bee" piece. This was a challenging project but I really loved every minute of it!

Backs and Inside
Oh, what the heck, here's the cottage again, where all these lovelies will reside!

 Thanks for letting me share my passion with you; I know I get inspired when I see other stitcher's work and hope you do too.


Tiny Dancing (80)

Today's Stroll piece is a section of a freebie from Queenstown Sampler Design called Bee Sure of My Love.  This is a little locket I found at Michael's (I think I saw the idea on a FB page). The left side is the stitched piece and the right side is a piece of quilt fabric. Petite sized needles JUST fit. I made some of these for friends as well but with a different design inside. I'll share them when I find the photos on my computer.

I worked feverishly on the smalls for the Beekeeper's Cottage yesterday; four down and one to go! I'm trying to get this completed so I can take for show and tell at Salty Yarns this weekend. Thank goodness the middle finger on my right hand has "toughened" up over the years because that "sweet" spot got a work out the last few days!!!

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Monday, March 20, 2017

Stitch Strolling into Spring (79)

Happy first day of spring! I have to admit I like spring, the longer days, beautiful blue skies and lovely flowers. It's the heat and humidity that follow in the form of "summer"  that I don't appreciate. And I'm afraid summer will come too quickly on the heels of spring here in Richmond. We shall see....there is plenty of stitching/finishing to be done in the confines of my A/C. 

Today's stroll piece is Swirly Spring, part of an older class piece( 1999) by Heart in Hand. I had it finished into a cube with a season on each side and can just "twirl" it to the appropriate season. 

 I spent  both afternoons this weekend working on finishing the Cottage and ....mission accomplished!!! I still have five smalls to do and am going to hold off and share it all at the same time. Oh wait,.... I'm too excited about the cottage to it is in all its glory!!!

Roof Shot


Bottom with Button "feet"

 This was definitely a "challenge" but I pushed on through and am very pleased with the finished product. Now, on to the smalls!!!

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Strollin' on a Sunday (78)

Today's stroll piece continues with a "March" theme. It's from the series, A Year in Chalk by Hands on Designs. I made the complete set for my daughter for her birthday last year. I mounted them on acid free board, finished off the backs and then attached velcro so they can be changed out monthly. I found the easel style frame at Hobby Lobby. 

I worked on the Beekeeper's Cottage a bit yesterday, but didn't get to far. I'm hoping to work more on it today. I have found a new show that is great to watch while stitching, The Great British Bake Off. I love how low key these Brits are while producing some wildly creative baked goods. The only downside is I start feeling immensely hungry!!!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship.  Sorry for the big "space" can't get rid of it!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

A Little More Irish.... (77)

I'm cheating a bit this morning. I'm posting a piece my daughter stitched for me in 1998 (when she was 20). I had already stitched this for my Mom and framed it exactly the same way. Since I don't have access to my Mom's (without a drive to Baltimore) I'm sharing the one I have in my possession. It is Very Victorian Shamrock Sampler by Eileen Bennett and  a lovely sampler it is indeed (said with a bit of an Irish accent)!!!

 I'm moving right along on my challenge piece; it's a quicker stitch than I thought. 

I've also started the finishing on the Beekeeper's Cottage Etui--now that is not going as smoothly/quickly as I'd like. I started with the base, cut all the pieces (using templates provided) from the poster board, started to assemble and they didn't fit. Had to do some calculations, run to Hobby Lobby for more poster board and re-cut the pieces. Then I had to put it down!!!  I'll have to re-check the other pieces I cut out and adjust accordingly. This is something I bought on the second hand market, so I didn't have the opportunity to take the actual class and can see I'm going to have to pull on the knowledge I've amassed from all my finishing classes. :)  Wish me luck!!!

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Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day (76)

I will be wearing my green today in honor of my Mom's side of the family. Her grandparents, surname of McNamara, were Irish immigrants who both died in the flu pandemic of 1918. Her father, my grandfather, and his three siblings were split up and adopted by three different families. One of the siblings was an infant girl that somehow found my grandfather late in life and they were able to reconnect. Sadly, we don't know the history about that side of the family but I do feel my Irish roots.

 I'm sharing two small Irish related pieces ( I don't recall their exact names) from Lori Birmingham and stitched in 2003. I do remember that they were kits, done on banding  and a quick stitch!


Scissor Fob
 Today I'll be wearing this shirt, which is a little inside joke on my Dad. My maiden name is Codd but my Dad's family traces back to England, a fact of which he is very proud. So we always had some "gentle" ribbing going on between our Irish/English heritage, mainly that the English side came over on the Ark and the Dove and the Irish side on a "potato" boat. So, when I saw this shirt and read that Codd is actually an Irish surname, I had to get it. Tee-hee!!!

 So I hope you'll be wearing your green today; they say everyone is Irish on March 17th!!! We'll be off to Cracker Barrel for an early dinner of corned beef and cabbage for my hubby--me, I can't stand the stuff! :(

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!  Slainte!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Wearing of the Green Begins in The Stroll (75)

The countdown to Saint Patrick's Day begins with a few Irish themed pieces. This is part of another Shepherd's Bush Fold series from 2001. (I came across these as I was doing some more unpacking recently).  The frame came with the series so you could just pop each month in and out. Up today is, okay I'm sure you figured it out, March. Isn't the pot of gold button cute?

I was able to start the Spring challenge for the All About Smalls FB page last night. I'm doing Garden Birds by La-D-Da. 

 If you're in the Northeast, I hope you're thawing out. It's sunny here with a beautiful blue sky...but chilly!

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A Quaker Finish and Pinkeep (74)

I worked on the finishing for Quaker Sewing Case, over the weekend but couldn't quite manage to complete it. Yesterday afternoon I was able to sit down and "get 'er done". I am taking two classes with Catherine Theron next weekend, and wanted to be able to take this with me for show and tell. I really love the colors of the bargello.... so bold and rich, and the inside so delicate. I stitched as called for, but added an extra perimeter of stem stitch, done in black wool, around the exterior edge. I could see linen threads peeking through after joining and found it distracting. So here you go:

The stroll piece for today is My Pinkeep by Marie Suarez. I stitched this in 2010 as called for. I love this piece and its little pouch. I'm always on the lookout for the ivory piece but to no avail--makes a nice, quick gift idea.

Today starts the first day of the spring challenge on the FB page All About Smalls. I have chosen Garden Birds by La-D-Da, a tool book kit. The goal is to have it stitched and finished by May 20th, so wish me luck!


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A Visit to Woodlawn and a Friendship Angel (73)

Ever hopeful but no snow here, though I did see some mixed in with rain on my way home from Woodlawn yesterday. I left around 8:30AM with a friend, Mary Ann, to drive to Alexandria and tour the needlework show at Woodlawn. It was smaller than in the past but you were allowed to get "up close and personal" with the touching or photos allowed however.  There were some magnificent pieces and it really is a shame someone doesn't photograph them and make a slide show on the web for all to see. So many stood out but I'll relate a few of my favorites. There was a HUGE blackwork piece that was a "map" of the counties in Great Britain. Each county was represented by a different blackwork motif and it was phenomenal!!! I also saw the original piece that Theresa Baird designed for the Queen City Sampler Guild in Cincinnati and it is spectacular. Another piece I really liked was a surface embroidery piece with an "under the sea" theme; it was so bright and colorful and FUN! There were a lot of lovely smalls and beaded jewelry. A truly amazing stitched exhibit was done, not on fabric, but rather leaves and acorn tops. Very interesting! The one thing I couldn't understand was why someone would take the time to stitch caricatures of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump--that one has me stumped, but was amusing!!! We had a delicious lunch there at Woodlawn and then headed over to In Stitches. This is a great shop and filled to the gills with a wonderful array of stitching charts, fabric, canvases and accoutrements. Here is what I bought; the blackwork book was inspired by the piece at Woodlawn.

 After our shopping spree, we headed back down the highway with a quick stop at the Russell Stover outlet; sadly, no tins!!! Then arrived home around 5:00ish. A long day, but a very enjoyable day!

Now on to the Stroll! Today's piece is an old Heart in Hand piece called Friendship Angel; it was a limited edition kit that included the tin wings.

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Monday, March 13, 2017

Needles and Pins (72)

A new week--can't believe we're halfway into March AND we've been in the new house for 6 months! We've been painting up a storm and I've started to hang some of my stitched pieces. We're down to the two spare bedrooms, a bath and the stairway...then we're done!

Today's stroll piece is Needles and Pins by Milady's Needle, stitched in 2006. Now I can honestly say that I've been "lucky in love" and this saying has not applied to me, but I still found it amusing!

Off to the Woodlawn Needlework Show and In Stitches...looking forward to getting inspired!

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Sunday, March 12, 2017

A Sunday Stroll ....... Hare Pyns (71)

Hare Pyns is a class project from Sherri Jones of Patrick's Woods. I had gotten the piece back in the early 2000's when I was a member of the Kindred Spirits Guild, and started the bunny face. Well, it never saw the light of day again until 2013 when Sherri taught this at Salty Yarns. I was able to "audit" the class for finishing and managed to get it mostly put together there and then completed at home.



Interior with needle book at top
Scissor case, fob, pincushion and wooden ruler/thread holder

Inside pockets

 Tiny bunny button
Yesterday we managed to get to Hobby Lobby and pick out fabric for my granddaughter's dress. She zoned right in on "Paris" themed fabric (of which there was quite a selection) and picked a bright pink color. Here is a the mini version for her AG doll. 

She wasn't feeling well, been fighting a stomach bug, so we put off working on her dress until she feels better. It's been awhile since I've done any clothing sewing with a commercial pattern. I was surprised that the techniques are pretty much the same as they've always been....bias tape to finish off the neck edge, a button and loop closure at the neck, etc.. Perhaps it's because the pattern calls for a cotton fabric, not a knit.

I started a new project last night, just wanted something quick and easy. It's by Shepherd's Bush, Fear Not Needle Roll, #5 in their Shepherd's Fold series.

 My plans for today have changed. I'm going to Woodlawn tomorrow with a friend and am planning on a finishing day today. I really need one; I am way behind!!!

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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Bunny Repose (70)

This was a little freebie from The Workbasket back in 1999. It's another of the Ornament of the Month Club pieces I did for Twisted Threads and is called Bunny Repose.  I can't remember how I "changed it up" exactly, but I know I added the pink bow and silver "arch" embellishment at the top of the vines, and used different fabric and fibers.

I finished the pocket for The Quaker Sewing Case last night. Now today, I have to figure out the lining. The outside bargello piece was done on 25 count Dublin linen; the inside on 32 count Desert Sand. So I may have to adjust the perimeter stitching (needed for joining) to match the size of the outside piece---fingers crossed. Hopefully I'll have a positive result to report tomorrow.

And speaking of tomorrow, I'm planning on traveling up to see the Woodlawn Needlework Show. Hubby has graciously offered to drive me up; I was going to get myself there because I figured he'd be bored, but he assured me he doesn't mind and we can even stop by In Stitches! What a guy!!!   

Today, I have a field trip planned to JoAnn's with my daughter and granddaughter. She's wanting to learn to sew and we're picking out fabric to make matching outfits for her and her American Girl doll.

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Friday, March 10, 2017

Sailing....... (69)

Sailing by Christopher Cross is one of my favorite songs. It doesn't have anything to do with this next piece; I just thought I'd mention it! :)

So, Sailing Away was a class I took from Catherine Jordan at Salty Yarn's Jamboree in 2009. We learned to paint on linen and created the background for the stitching---definitely not in my wheelhouse, but I persevered and was happy with the results.

Top of box

Inside of box
 I thought the way Catherine had us attach the stitched circle to the top of the box was quite clever. The piece is mounted on one of those metal button covers and we just placed a magnet to the back (no glue on the stitching) . Then we glued the other side of the magnet to a seashell, held it to the underside of the lid and "attracted" the top piece..... fuss!

I forgot to tell the story of my bottle tree yesterday and it's kinda sweet. My daughters gave this to us for my hubby and my 60th birthdays--we were born the same year, just 3 1/2 months apart. They sent out a request asking our friends and family to send a "note in a bottle" to us to help celebrate our milestone birthdays (we did not want any big to-do made). They then found an on line source for the "tree" and presented us with the tree and a case of lovely bottles. I made copies of all the messages and put the originals back in the bottles where they still reside. Cute, huh?  And, the added benefit is, I can't kill this tree.....not much of a green thumb here! AND, another benefit is that, according to lore, the bottles will capture evil spirits at night, so definitely a WIN-WIN all around. 

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