Monday, May 28, 2018

The Official/Unofficial Start of Summer.....and a Stroll Addition (461)

Happy Memorial Day.....a day to remember those who died to ensure we live free. Please take a few minutes to honor these brave men and women and offer up thanks for their heroic acts. 

I have been slowly organizing my sewing room and re-discovering lost treasures. This piece has been laying in my file cabinet for over 20 years, with the buttons sitting on top, patiently waiting for me to sew it into a pillow---its patience finally paid off!!!  My newest Stroll piece is Shepherd's Bush Americana Folio, stitched in 1995 on Home Sweet Home fabric. I'm sure it was stitched as called for, since I didn't veer off track much back then. I had the perfect "flag" fabric in my stash and kept the pillow finish rather cording or trim. I thought I'd keep the fabric and buttons as the "stars" of the show.


I am frantically  trying to get my Celtic Banner completed in time to take to the Prim Stitcher's Retreat with me. All I have left are these navy blue circles at the bottom.

My friend, Tracie  from Ft. Thomas KY, arrives on Wednesday and Thursday we'll start our adventure up to Harrisburg, PA. I am so excited but lots to do to prepare.....decisions to be made...what projects do I take to work on.....what will the weather be.....what to pack, etc. ??? I know I'll look like I'm going away for a month, not a few days...but..even though I was never a Scout...I must be prepared!!! :) I will give a report on the retreat when I get back.

On a closing note I wanted to share Cora's first completed stitching project. I had bought a small piece of 14 ct. pink Aida, about a year ago) to teach her to cross stitch. She decided she wanted to draw a heart on the fabric and fill it in with long stitches. I top stitched on my machine to hold the long stitches in place and sewed it into a tiny "pillow-ette". She was tickled with it!!! (It's about 4" across)

 Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Cora's heart is adorable. I like that you topstitched the long stitches. Your patriotic pillow brings back memories, Stasi. I remember those 'folio' charts. Love the backing fabric you used for it!

    I hope you have a fabulous visit with your friend along with a safe journey to the PSS retreat. I look forward to hearing your retreat recap when you return.

  2. Aww... how sweet is Cora's heart :) What a special first finish for her (and you!). Love your patriotic pillow, Stasi, and I hope you have a delightful trip to Harrisburg with Tracie!