Monday, May 14, 2018

He said "Yes" to the Pillow!!!

I had to make a quick swing by to tell you that Asher loved his pillow and I am so tickled! He should have a new bedroom by the end of the week (my SIL divided up the girls larger room into two separate bedrooms for the boys and the girls have moved to the boys old bedroom) and said he's going to put it in there. Here is the pillow again:

I'm pretty sure Sue Hillis has a soccer one that I will do for James for his birthday in June.

The other thing I'm so darned excited about is this:

A friend had shown one of these PVC lap stands on her blog made by a company called R&R from England. As I was googling where to buy it, I found a blogger who told you how to make one yourself and being a DIY-er, I had to give it a try. She gives you a list for all the parts needed to make a smaller one, but you could adjust sizes up and/or down to fit your needs. After you've made it, you just need to buy the Q-snap clamps (spare pairs) in the right size and voila....a lightweight, portable lap frame.  Now to be honest, Rich cut the PVC pipe for me with a special tool he had just for that purpose, but it was quick and easy and I could definitely do it myself. It was called a PVC ratchet cutter and can be found for as little as $10. 

Edited: If you decide to try this yourself, take a Q-snap clamp with you- we found two different 1/2" pipes--one measured by the inside diameter and one by the outside (which was too small).

Here is a link to the R&R version on Amazon: 
 R&R lap frame
 and one to the blogger for a DIY version: 
 Mommy Fang

 Now, I'm off to wash it in hot, soapy water because there is printing on the PVC. I doubt it will wash off, but I figure if it doesn't after a good scrubbing...all will be okay.

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. So happy to hear that Asher liked his pillow! I was going to offer to take it off your hands if he didn't because I think it is fabulous. Your PVC pipe lapstand looks great. I wonder if the ink would come off with rubbing alcohol. I guess you could wrap the PVC in felt or shelf-liner.

  2. Good for Asher. :D And now for James. ;)
    How cool and clever with the PVC. I had thought of doing that in the past. I have a nifty and useful K's creation Z lap frame that I have been using for years though.

  3. Glad Asher likes his pillow! Can't wait to see what you do for James. And the PVC pipe frame is really cool--may have to investigate making one for myself (and can hear my husband--"Another frame?")

  4. Now that's fancy! Good job on the pillow.

  5. So glad Asher likes his pillow! (and looking forward to seeing a similar Soccer one for James)

    PVC stitching frame - very cool - good for you for DIY'ing it!

  6. Yay! You just never know with stitched gifts, do you? But, I'm so glad your grandson loves his cute pillow. Interesting lap stand idea! I stitch in hand, but I know many people would love this idea--you are very innovative, Stasi!!

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