Thursday, May 3, 2018

A Little Catching Up and A New Stroll Addition......(456)

Greetings! Hope all is well in your little part of the world...we are experiencing a HEAT wave...three straight days of 90 degree weather!!! I wilt quickly in this heat so hopefully some serious stitching is in my immediate future. We haven't put the A/C on yet..the house is actually cool. I'd love to throw open the windows..but maybe next week when temps return to normal.

I'm making my grandson Asher's pillow an official part of the Stitch Stroll. His favorite sport is baseball and we enjoy many a game on the weekends. I've stitched this for his tenth birthday which falls on Mother's Day this year. Not sure a ten year old boy will appreciate it, but I'm hoping one day it will bring back memories of his Mimi. :) It is Play Ball by Sue Hillis and following Judy B.'s inspiration, I made it into a pillow stitching it on  20 count Weeks Dye Works linen over two, using a combination of #5 perle cotton and Caron Collection Impressions from my stash. I wish I'd used a slightly darker blue on the top letters, but made do with what I had on hand. Judy also used this baseball fabric which I found at Serendipity quilt shop recently. It turned out nice and plump since I used a bigger than called for pillow form. It's approximately 16 X 16.

I'm up to date on my Red Band SAL and waiting for the next installment..due tomorrow.

I've stitched a birthday gift which I'll have to share after it is bequeathed, but managed to get some more done on the Celtic Banner. I would love to get this done and be able to take it with me to the Prim Stitcher's Society Retreat the end of this month to pass on to a framer. Not sure I can mange it, but I'm going to give it the ole college try!!!

 I also need to get cracking on an exchange piece for the PSS Retreat...... at least I have it picked out!!! I may have forgotten to mention that I am going to the PSS Retreat. I had been on the wait list and got in due to cancellations. A friend from Cincinnati is going to drive to my house and we're going to drive up to Hershey together. I'm not taking any classes...just relaxing and stitching and, hopefully, making new friends and running into some old. It sounds like a fun group from their FB page and I am really looking forward to it.

Have you heard about Stitch Maynia??? I guess I am out of the loop because I just heard about this recently. Evidently, you are to pick a new project to start each of the first 15 (?) days of May. Not sure if you have to commit to keeping them going or just start them, but it's intriguing....maybe next May! :)

I have not gotten in floss tube, but watched a few yesterday as I heard two ladies I know had started one. It was nice seeing what they are working on, and I was interested because I actually know them. I can see the usefulness of tutorials but kept wondering about how much time is invested in watching these when you could actually be stitching!!! Am I clueless? Do you watch floss tubers? Are their ones I should check out in particular for hints or ideas? Let me know...I remain open to the idea if it can be a learning experience or entertaining.

We're going to have visitors tomorrow night  and they've been threatened to within an inch of their life to NOT get up at 3:30AM as they have the last two times they've slept over!!! Fingers are crossed as we're hitting our first Farmer's Market of the year Saturday morning.

I hope you are relaxing with needle in hand.....thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Stasi, I love the baseball pillow you created for your Grandson. Glad you are up to date on the Red Band Sampler! Will you be joining the next one (I think it is black and red)? I hope you have a good trip and adventure to the PSS retreat at the end of the month. I haven't jumped on the floss tube bandwagon.

    The A/C has been running for a week or so here. I dislike the heat and the humidity is creeping up now. UGH!

  2. Me again! I'm not taking part in Maynia, but I have read about all difference versions of it. Maybe next year!

  3. We even had two days of 80 degrees up here in Wisconsin. I like Asher's pillow. Have a great time at your retreat. Stitch Maynia has never been for me. As for Floss Tube, I only watch Priscilla and Chelsea. I purposely limit myself. I would rather spend my time stitching!! ;) I find them entertaining and inspiring.

  4. The baseball pillow looks great - what an excellent gift for Asher! And you've done so much on Celtic Banner! I like the most recently stitched bit of the Red Band SAL with the growing letters.

    Floss tube? I don't, but like you am open to the idea if it's someone I sort of know or if I would be pointed toward good ideas or tips. It does seem like it could be a huge time sinkhole, and my general feeling is that I'd rather make progress on my pieces - I'm a slow enough stitcher as it is!

    Enjoy the retreat!

  5. Oh, what a cute pillow, Stasi! I'm sure he will love it :) Nice progress on your other WIPs, too.

    No--NOT a Stitch Maynia participant as I am a one-at-a-time stitcher. For me, it would just be way too stressful and stitching is supposed to be relaxing. I do watch a couple of Floss Tube stitchers, but find the majority of the videos to be WAY TOO SLOW and a bit boring. If they are over half an hour, I won't watch them. I have learned a few good tips and they definitely have inspired me to take a second look at charts that I might have passed over :) I watch Priscilla and Chelsea and Cindy's Stitching--both keep their videos short and are very enjoyable.

  6. Stasi, The PSS Retreat sounds wonderful! This is the first I've heard of this one. Is it always in Lancaster?