Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Down to the Wire with Near Miss.....

My Celtic Banner piece is winding down and I narrowly avoided a "pothole"! I only have about 5 more inches to do and am in a race against time to get it done before next Thursday. I am going to the Prim Stitchers Society retreat next weekend in Harrisburg, PA and Patti Nicolosi, a well reviewed framer, will be there. I am on the hunt for a new framer since my preferred framer in Cincinnati is selling his business. I turned my scroll rods to move the piece up, I was shocked I only had 6.5 inches of fabric left!!! Now, this could be my fault because I automatically add 3 inches round my design area but I had bought this piece because it was  custom cut and sized for this project. I guess they only allowed 2 inches and I am angry at myself for not double checking (who knows...I may have checked and forget). Long and short is I will sew a couple inches of fabric to the bottom so there is enough to stretch for mounting. I like my framing up close to the stitching so I should be A-OK. Here is the last part I stitched:

Had a pedicure this morning so, as my friend Pam would say, I have happy feet! I plan to spend this afternoon doing some more organizing in my sewing room...then stitching tonight while watching the finale of Survivor.

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Celtic Banner is looking great, Stasi. I am glad you will be able to finish it and not have to do a 'remodel'. Enjoy your evening stitching!

  2. Oh, No! At least you'll have enough to sew extra fabric to--it could have been a major disaster--and the stitching is so pretty.

  3. Ack!! And you're so close to being done.... Good thing you like to frame near the edge of your stitching! Glad there's enough room to sew on an extra bit. It's looking marvelous, by the way.