Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Super Bowl Weekend Getaway

First, I'm back home safe and mishaps along the way!!

It was a wonderful, relaxing weekend, as usual. There are approximately 16 ladies who make the trek each year and we are split between 4 different apartments. We visit between the apartments to check out what everyone is working on and have "show and tell". We eat, shop, stitch, sleep and start over the next day--it is truly a stitcher's paradise! Sometimes some of us will walk the boards, but it was too cold and windy this year. 

One of the ladies, Jayne, was working on a fabulous project...over one. The detail is amazing and I asked if I could share on my blog since she doesn't post on FB. It is a design from Thea Gouverneur called America and this photo definitely doesn't do it justice. What you're seeing was about 12 X 6 inches....give or take.

Other ladies were working on various projects ...some more challenging like Death by Cross Stitch and the Linen and Threads 2017 Mystery Sampler and others on projects that didn't require as much concentration. Whatever is being stitched, we are all motivated by and relish in each other's accomplishments.

I was tickled to be able to bring up week 5 of my Red Sampler Band SAL on my tablet and stitch from it.

I also got the the threads for the Celtic Banner and started on the border.

Of course I indulged in some retail therapy which I'll share now. When we arrive we all get a Salty Yarns shopping bag which we put our name on. Sally had made tags with the Super Bowl team names on them and we could choose which team we'd be rooting for. I chose the winners!!! Woo-hoo!

 Then we start filling our bags....first  up some fabric and fibers...I was on a red I found I don't have this color in my stash and thought it wold be great to have on hand for Valentine's Day and Christmas. I bought the new DMC colors and some silks for a project; the dark ones are for the Celtic Banner.

Then I bought a few charts and some wool for the beard on my Ewe and Eye Santa. 

The Summer House chart is called Reality Check and supposedly has 15 motifs representing some reality TV shows. I was able to figure out a few..can you spot any?

Last, but not least, was my favorite purchase...don't you just love the definition?

It's now back to reality and I can't procrosstinate any more....thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!


PS I have noticed other bloggers stating this and thought I would too. I try to respond to all comments, but if you are a no reply blogger, I can't. So, if you'd like me to respond, please leave your e-mail address. Otherwise, I try to reply to your post and you would have to remember to go back there to check. Thanks--I don't want people to think I am ignoring them. :)


  1. It looks like you had a great weekend with shopping, stitching, and sharing. Great progress on your Red Band Sampler SAL, Stasi! Thank you for sharing the over one piece by your friend. Glad you got home safe and sound!

  2. You did great!! You got wonderful stash Stasi. I am glad your trip was smooth.

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend (and how nice to hear you had no issues on the road!).

    Such lovely goodies! The border for Celtic Banner looks great - does the thread have a touch of read in it or am I imagining that? That coffee mug is absolutely marvelous!

  4. The stitch by Jayne is amazing!! I cannot fathom stitching such a huge piece over one, it is stunning!!! Thank you Jayne for sharing!!

    Oh, I know 2 people that have to have that mug!!!:) That is my favorite purchase of yours for sure!! Love your purchases, I received my first piece of black linen in the mail yesterday to stitch the tree lot.
    Glad you had a great time and an uneventful trip home.

    1. Great progress on your Celtic and Red Band Banner and love how you finished St. Nicks beard!!

  5. I love the mug! I don't procrosstinate nearly enough!

  6. Love all of your awesome purchases Stasi. I wonder what two people Mary could be talking about??? I too LOVE that mug. It is so cute but true too. RJ