Monday, January 30, 2017

Stitch Stroll (30)

 Stroll piece of the day is Her Sampler 1796 by Blackbird Designs. This was a free pattern offered for a SAL by Blackbird in 2014. I chose this to be my first piece stitched on 52 count linen. 

Well, the weekend didn't turn out quite as planned, but unexpected stitching time resulted. My hubby has been helping my SIL build a house for his Dad. Hubby has really been enjoying this experience and opted to pitch in yesterday to help put up the 3rd and 4th walls instead of attending the Home Show.


 That was okay with me and a new project was started and finished instead. I had seen this recently on a blog (sorry I can't remember where I saw it, so I apologize for not giving proper credit--I even looked around this morning and can't find original post) and filed it for future reference. I happened to stumble across it on my recent visit to Salty Yarns---kismet!!! It is Love Tea by Hinzeit. I changed the colors up a bit and stitched with fibers and mystery linen from my stash. I had also found a sweet little frame, but it was a little too long so I added the line "cream and sugar in my"... Perfect!!! I'll try to get this framed quickly and post---it's going to look nice in my kitchen. P.S. After reading Robin's comment below, I remembered she had sent me photos of some of her finishes and that was where I saw the Love Tea piece originally. Sorry Robin!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!


  1. Her Sampler is great! What a sweet, little project you created! How rewarding it must be for your husband to help build a home!!

  2. Nice finishes. Yes, I like cream and sugar in my tea too!

  3. Her Sampler turned out great, Stasi. I love the finished tea piece. I stitched it for a friend toward the end of 2016. I like your addition.

    1. OMG Robin--it was you where I saw the Love Tea piece. So sorry I forgot, but this ole brain just ain't what it used to be!!!