Sunday, January 8, 2017

Cape Cod Girls (8)

I stitched today's post back in 2009 and gifted it to my sister. There were two reasons for this, first, she is a hair stylist, and  second, our maiden name is Codd (hence the spelling adaptation). We spent a childhood being called "codfish cake" and years explaining our name is spelled Cape Cod but with an extra 'd". So here is Cape Cod Girls by The Primitive Needle, stitched over one. it's cold outside---hope you are staying warm and cozy wherever you may be!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship.



  1. Oh my goodness! How perfect for your sister. I love it. :D
    Yes, it is frigid here. I can't warm up!

  2. Now this is just too cute! Love how you personalized it. Yep, we are freezin' our buns up here too.

  3. Hi,love your Cape Cod Girls,I have been looking for the pattern for awhile and was wondering if I could buy a copy of your pattern? My sister lives at the Cape and has a big birthday coming and I would love to stitch it for her. I know it's out of print. Thanks!

    1. Charleen, I can't reply to you privately because you come up no-reply comment. I'm sorry but I already passed this chart on to a friend awhile ago. Nevertheless, it is copyright infringement to "copy" a chart to sell. I know it's hard to understand that when the design is OOP, but that is still the case under copyright law. I wish you luck finding a copy of the original chart.

    2. Thank You anyway I'll keep looking,have a great day and you do beautiful work!