Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Moving on up......

to the BIG time--- that is diopter lens on my Dazor lamp!!! The piece I'm stitching for the All About Smalls January challenge is a bit more challenging to see than I had thought. I'm working it on a piece of 50 count Kingston linen that I had bought eons ago (when I was younger and had better eyes). However, when I counted out the threads, it's 58 threads to the inch. Soooooo, out came the 5 diopter lens that had been patiently waiting to feel needed. I bought this little puppy back when my beloved Twisted Threads closed in 2004 and I still had my employee discount. It's been hibernating, wrapped tightly in bubble wrap, for over 12 years in my coffee table.......and now has emerged to resuscitate my tired old eyes!!! 

So, here's what I got done last night. I'll probably take a break from this today and give it a try with the new magnification later this week. I added a dime to the photo for scale.

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!!!


  1. Wow! 58 count - I didn't know fabric came that small. You've made a great start.

  2. AHHHHHH! I am in l♥ve Stasi! You know I stitch all things tiny and this is SUPER!! :D

  3. Great start, Stasi! But oh my on the tininess!

  4. Wow - This is going great!

    People may not always comment on blogs but I'm pretty sure we're all very appreciative of folks like you who continue to share what they are working. So thank you for the inspiration and Happy New Year!

  5. Oh my.... looks fantastic! 58 count, huh? Eeek!