Tuesday, January 27, 2015

And They Sinned Update

It's a SNOW DAY!!!! At least as much as I can make it one! I still have to answer our business phone and pay some taxes (yuck) and make some phone calls, but in my mind and's a SNOW DAY!!!

I wanted to update on my progress  And They Sinned. I have been working most nights on this wonderful project and am enjoying it immensely. My fabric is not quite showing  true, it'a a darker golden brown..I wanted an "antique-y" look. I think I am at about the halfway point..maybe a little less. This piece will be about 40 inches tall when I'm finished.

I also started a new project ---haven't gotten very far but wanted to get those beginning stitches in. It is Common Thread Stitchers Mat by Threadwork Primitives. This was a Ladies Prim Society kit from Dyeing to Stitch. I had asked to see my friend  Sally's last fall, so I could decide if I wanted to hunt it down on E-Bay at some point. She graciously gifted the kit to me for Christmas--thanks Sal!!!

My Start

I've been remiss in posting this project which I began last fall at a stitching weekend. It's been in my "away" bag since then and will go with me this weekend (more on that later). This is Love My Stitching by Hands On Design. It will eventually become a project bag. I was lucky enough to find the actual finishing fabric used in the photo. This is on 28 count fabric so a good travel project, when I'm not sure of lighting.


I've also begun my February pieces for the Samsarah calendar.These are reserved for the car since it's about the only thing I can do while riding and I can't stand just sitting there on long trips. Can't read and can't stitch on small count. Just finished this one on a trip to see the grand kiddies!!!

........ and speaking of the grand kiddies--here's a photo of them playing in their 1/2 inch of snow! Don't get much snow , so they are very excited!

And speaking of snow.....I am scheduled to travel to Ocean City,MD for the weekend. A group of friends meet there very year to stitch and attend the Salty Yarns Super Bowl Sale. I'm planning to leave on Thursday but snow is forecast here for Thursday and Friday, so things are a little "iffy" now. If it's not much I can handle it, if it's BIG, then I have to rethink. So, fingers, toes, eyes and any other body parts I can, are crossed in hopes I can make a go of it! I'm moving forward with packing and thinking positive thoughts!!!! 

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Safe travels. I hope to see you there.

  2. Wow, look at you go on ATS! Awesomeness! I hope you have safe travels and I'll send some positive thoughts your way.