Thursday, January 1, 2015

A New Start to 2015....and the project that just keeps on giving!!!

Of course I had to start a new project today for the new year. After much consideration I decided on Needlewoman..busy as a bee! by The Primitive Hare (thanks Syd). Here is what I have done so far:

This is moving along quickly and I'll hope to have it finished soon and move on to another new project.

I also set up a  goal for this year (actually by June) to finish stitching And They Sinned by Examplar Dames. I started this mammoth piece in 2002 thinking that if I started at the bottom (where the densest stitching is) and worked my way up, I'd just sail along. Well.......that didn't happen and the piece has been pulled out and put away numerous times over the years. In fact my goal a few years ago was to get it done and again, it didn't happen. I'm not sure what my issue is as I really love this piece. I can remember the year it came out at the Charlotte needlework market and was displayed in the Gentle Arts booth. I kept walking by and walking by, staring at it, loving all the colors and motifs. At the time it cost $36 and that was astronomical for a chart then but I had to have it. So why does it languish in my to do pile??? Well I saw someone post about it on FB and that renewed my conviction!!! So here is what I have done so far---let's see if I can reach my goal of getting it done by June!!! My main motivator for this time frame is that I'm going to Cincinnati in June and would have our trusted framer from Twisted Threads, Bowmans Backdoor Framing, do the framing for me. Fingers crossed...or should I say stitching!!!! :)
The unstitched area at the bottom is where I'll put in the year I finished it!

Happy New Year and thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!


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  1. Oh my goodness Stasi... was it really 2002 when this chart came out? I have it in my stash too. I started at the top and I think I got to the water part. I need to find this... gosh I hope I didn't lose it when I moved. However, I won't be working on it as I started a BIG band sampler today too. I'll show it on my blog in a day or so. It is about 13" wide and 40" long... you get a section every month. Good to start out the year with high can do it!!!