Sunday, January 4, 2015

Parking Your Needle...........

The other day I was reading Mary Corbet's blog and she was discussing various methods to store/park your needles. It reminded me that I have the "ultimate" needle storage system that I stitched years ago--2007 to be exact--by Judy O'dell of Just a Thought Designs. It is called The Ultimate Needle book..Simply Green.  Now I stitched this and promptly stored it in my display case.

 I don't usually have trouble distinguishing sizes of needles, but I do have trouble, once they're all mixed up, telling brands apart. My favorite needle is definitely a Bohin 28, even though I tend to "bend" them when I do the sewing method. But, they go through fabric so smoothly, I don't mind that I am constantly replacing them. But I digress---I really just want to share what I should be aspiring to use for needle storage and the method I actually use.

First up--the Cadillac of needle storage:

Inside with flap closed

Next up, my actual method used:

 This is My Stitching Chair Necessaire by Hillside Samplings. I also stitched this many years ago, early 2000's. I have used this every day since I completed it. It sits on the arm of my stitching chair and holds my needles, scissors and other helpful tools. You can see my "menagerie" of needles (I just threw away the pile of orts), so not much organization here! But a major downside to using this beautiful piece is this:

Sadly, my bottom edge has totally frayed, actually up to the hem stitching. Also, in the bottom photo, you can see my needle magnet (I park my scissors there) has worked it's way through the linen. So, here's the you use your finished pieces and chance this type of "wear" or do they remain in the display case to be admired from afar? I love the necessaire and so enjoy keeping it near me while I'm stitching. I often wonder if I should stitch it again..not to be "used". What is your opinion?

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  1. Use it. If it wears out it's good excuse to stitch something else. Just my opinion.

  2. I would use it. I stitched a silk bargello piece that I use for some needles and I enjoy using it rather than keeping it to admire.

  3. I would use it. You can enjoy it everyday you stitch. You can always make a new one and you might even find something new to use.

  4. I have a hard time using them; based on everyone else's response maybe I should change that!

  5. I would say use it and truly enjoy it. I stitched the same necessaire but haven't used it over my sofa arm. It is a pretty piece and I would suggest mending or adding a piece over the frayed area that needs to be replaced. If it makes you smile and you like it, then use it.

  6. I'd say use it. I like Kerri's suggestion to mend it. It brings you joy and that's why we stitch!

  7. Ladies, I appreciate all your comments. I will definitely continue to use the armchair necessaire and contemplate whether to stitch again...just for display. Sadly, it is too much to mend at this point, but I do love it and enjoy seeing every day next to me!