Saturday, February 14, 2015

Moving on Up...........

Greetings fellow stitchers!!! How are you in the north handling all this snow and extremely cold weather? I got a little taste of it last week when we drove to Rockford, IL to visit hubby's brother for a few days...and let's just say I was happy to get home to my couple of inches.

Per my last blog post, I was able to make it down to Ocean City for my stitching weekend. Had a wonderful time visiting, sharing, eating and shopping the Super Bowl Sale. I even had belated birthday and Christmas gifts waiting for me--thanks Debbie and Sara! Here's the weekend in a nutshell: I got there Thursday and it was dinner at Sunset Grille for Italian night. What a deal--salad, lasagna and cannolis(sp)  for $10.99!!! Friday, spent the day carousing Salty Yarns and adding items to my "bag", stitching, then a reception at Sara's with delicious appetizers. Saturday was spent with more stitching, visiting others apartments to see what they were working on and cooking Cincinnati chili for dinner. Sunday, more stitching, visiting and buying my "bag". Then it was Super Bowl time..not much watching the game....more gabbing! Monday, I got an early start home since we were leaving for Rockford the next morning. So, Here's what I got at the the sale:

I needed a new light with magnification since my Ott just wasn't cutting it anymore. I used birthday money from my parents to get this--thanks Mom and Dad! It's a Craft Light Dorsett model. I worked on the piece I had started at the shore last October and managed to get it finished. My only change was the beehive motif and adding the teeny bee button. Now to make it into a project bag.

On our drive to Rockford (12 hours each way) I managed to get another Calendar piece done during the day light hours and between snow storms. Turnpike driving is soooo boring but seeing Paneras's at the rest stops in Ohio brightened my day.

I continue working on And They Sinned and have moved up to above the alphabet section. That was a nice respite because soon there will be more heavily stitched areas. But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!! (Sorry about the "bump'--too lazy to take it off the Q-snap). Hope to get quite a bit more stitched this weekend as we're binge watching the first seasons of Game of Thrones in anticipation of season 4's release next week! 

Last but not least, I couldn't show these until now since they were gifts. I had seen this idea on FB last October on the Prim Stitchers site, posted by Patty N Dave. I managed to find the lockets at Michael's and stitched the small saying on 52/60 count linen in order to fit. I had to use petite needles to fit....and they just barely made it!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!


  1. Sounds like you had a marvelous time. Great buys.

    "And they sinned" is such a lovely design. Looking forward to seeing progress pictures.

    Yes it is COLD here. Yuck!! Having lived in Las Vegas for so long this northern weather is hard to take. Hopefully spring is just around the corner. I can well imagine how happy you were to be back in WV.

    1. Thanks Margaret! I've always loved the snow but not sure I could handle it for such long periods of time! :) You keep warm!

  2. What a wonderful haul... I see some stuff I'd like to stitch too! ATS is looking great - now lets all hope for an early Spring - I'm tired of the cold! happy stitching-

  3. It sounds like your weekend in OC was fabulous. Nice new stash and congratulations on your finish!

    Stay warm!

    Robin in Virginia

  4. Your weekend sounds like great fun! Love the little lockets, too

  5. Looks like a great time and nice stash! Yes, it's been crazy cold here. Definitely chili weather!