Monday, July 2, 2018

In Case You've Been Wondering.......

Yes....I did ride a roller coaster at Busch Gardens. It was probably one of the "tamer" ones though speeding through the dark at 53 mph was thrilling. There also was an 18 foot vertical drop after we had come to a stop in the middle of the ride--totally unexpected!!! There was a lotta screaming going on on my part! :)  I rode with James and this was his first experience at an amusement park. He loved it and went on to ride another with my hubby. It was also Cora's first roller coaster ride and she was a little rattled by it and didn't want to get on any more. Since she was my 'assigned' partner, neither did I, but we squeaked in some other fun rides. Here are James and me before we took off!!!

  It was terribly hot but we managed about 6 hours in the park and everyone had a great time! My SIL's company gave all the families matching tee shirts.

Earlier in the week we drove to Wilmington, NC to spend a couple days with family and celebrate some birthdays and a graduation. I loved that area and can't wait to go back. We spent a day at Wrightsville Beach which was very nice...not too big of waves and the water temp was perfect! Here is a cool photo (idea compliments of my sister-in-law) we took one evening at the beach.

So, as you can guess, not much stitching has been going on. I did manage to get another piece done in the Samsarah calendar series stitched in the car. 

And yesterday was a recuperative day, so I stitched a good bit while bingeing on Queer Eye on Netflix. I got wee 27 done on the Red Band Sampler SAL and almost completed the house on It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas. 

I'm going to be helping Cora and Esther each make a sundress this week, but plan to stay home and stitch as much as possible to avoid going out in the heat. Hope you are staying cool and comfy if you are also dealing with this heat wave!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!





  1. I was wondering how you fared with the roller coaster riding and also the heat. Glad to hear everyone had a good time! That is an awesome picture of the hands cupping the moon. Stay cool, Stasi!

  2. Aww, poor Esther. I understand totally. Good for James! Good for you! You all did well in the heat. Ugh. I am hiding out as much as possible. My headaches soar in this heat. Love your moon picture a LOT.

  3. I love it!!! I'm so happy you went on the roller coaster and enjoyed it. That drop sounds fantastic. I love roller coasters. We used to have one down the shore that would go up a big hill and right before it made the big turn to go down another big hill it would go off the tracks half way. It felt like you were going right into the ocean. It was the most fun ride. But the Hurricane got it and it does not exist anymore.

    Love your Sam Sarah and the progress you have made on your sampler. Great job. RJ

  4. It looks like everyone had a good time...I'm in the Esther camp...not fond of roller coasters except the tame ones...glad you had good beach weather... it is too darn hot for me right now...happy the AC in the house and in my car are working(although the car AC did cost me a bit to get it going this summer)..oh well..always something...happy stitching!

  5. You are brave, Stasi! Even when I was younger I always road roller coasters with my eyes closed--I am a big chicken and not fond of heights at all. So glad the kids all had such fun in spite of the heat. Enjoy your stitching time again in the AC (where would we be without it?!).

  6. What a great day at Bush Gardens despite the heat. The last time I rode a coaster was at Bush Gardens in Florida and it was pure terror for me! Those days are over so I'm impressed you got on with James. That is a very cool photo at the beach and you still managed to get a good bit of stitching in, your fortunate you can stitch in the car. Stay cool and Happy 4th!

  7. You are a brave woman going on ANY kind of roller coaster, imo. Love the holding the moon picture - extremely cool idea!