Thursday, February 11, 2016

I'm Free!!!!

I've been distracted the last week or so because my husband and I sold our business, closing just yesterday morning. This has been in the works for months but finally, the papers were signed, payment made and we are semi-retired!!! I say "semi" because my hubby will be helping out the new owner for awhile, especially through the upcoming busy season. We had a home inspection business so things pick up a lot spring into summer. I'll still have some book keeping and such to do, but the daily chores like answering the phone, scheduling and accompanying paperwork have been lifted from me!!! I am ready to stitch...stitch...stitch!!! But, we'll also be getting ready to move to the Richmond area to be closer to my oldest daughter and her family. So, I will be very busy dealing with all that that entails---house hunting, house prepping for sale, cleaning out, traveling back and forth, packing, etc.!!! So, will I find time to stitch??? You betcha--it's what keeps me sane! In fact, I have to get cracking on two pre-stitches for classes with Sherri Jones in April at Salty Yarns. Here are the projects:

I have managed to get a few things accomplished since last we visited. First up is a framing job. I mounted the piece over the weekend and just have it "popped" into the frame. I still need to get glass and finish the framing  off properly. Isn't the frame perfect? I included a close up of the frame so you could see how well the colors go with the piece. The design is Hibernation Day by Heartstrings Samplery (with a few twists of my own) and the frame is an East Side Mouldings.

Then I got May from A Year in Chalk stitched and finished up the number "4" in the Samsarah calendar series (this is a car project). 

 Finally, I had been seeing a lot of this design posted on FB and knew I had it in my stash. I felt an extreme urge to pull it out and "get er done". I am almost finished and think I can complete it tonight. I changed colors up quite a bit, mainly replacing the black with a rich dark brown and just pulling on leftover silks from classes. I knew I wouldn't be using much silk since I stitched it on the 52/60 count Lakeside linen fabric. So here's Good Intentions by Kathy Barrick. And yes, I did add a beehive, instead of a dog, on top of the left stack of spools! :)

 I hardly ever use a hoop, but it helped a lot with being able to see this teeny, tiny count linen.

Thanks, as always, for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Wow, girlfriend, you certainly have had a lot on your plate! I agree, in times of stress, stitching keeps a person sane. Loved the addition of the bee skep. Very nice! Good luck with the house hunt.

  2. You've been a busy, busy girl. I think I need to find my Hibernation Day. Hopefully it's in an easily accessible spot. Congratulations on your upcoming changes. It must feel great to have all those things to look forward to.

  3. Congratulations on framing your Hibernation Day! I like the molding you chose for it. Good Intentions looks good. Which dark brown fiber did you use in place of the black? Congratulations on your semi-retirement and best wishes on your upcoming house hunting!

  4. Congratulations on selling the business and good luck with the upcoming move! Being close to the kids and grandkids is a definite plus... I can't believe sometimes that my Chris is only a 3 minute walk from my house... perfect. And speaking of perfect, your stitching is wonderful. Love Hibernation day (that frame is definitely a perfect match) and I LOVE Good Intentions...need to do that one and make some changes too...I think a chicken would fit nicely on that stack of spools...LOL! take care!

  5. Congratulations on selling your business and the newfound freedom in your life, Stasi!! Good luck getting rid of stuff and selling the house!!

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