Thursday, November 20, 2014

Aren't stitching friends the best?

A lovely, thoughtful gift awaited me on my last visit to Salty Yarns!

 One of the perks of being able to attend stitching events, is meeting others who share your love for needlework. I'm not sure this term best describes what we do, because it isn't is joy, passion, fulfillment! But I diverse........I have met many lovely ladies from all over the country and oceans, friendships are formed and we all look forward to seeing each other at various retreats and seminars. For me, this is so important since I live in a rural area, without a needlework shop close by, and  am given the opportunity to share with other like minded souls. We literally "feed" off each others projects, ideas, suggestions, sources etc.. How did you do that stitch? Where did you get that button?  What is your source for that dupioni silk? And so on and so on. Of course, these very same reasons apply to social media and the friends I've made through my blog and stitch related groups on Facebook. There are ladies I've met on line and had the opportunity to then meet in person at an event; there are others I look forward to meeting one day face to face. Bottom line, stitchers are kind, creative and interesting people!

Now back to my gift! It's no secret I like "bee" related items and am always on the prowl for them. So, what a wonderful surprise to find an adorable bee needle rest waiting for me on my recent trip to Ocean City. It is covered in "bling" and therefore, very "queenly" and has found a home in My Regal Bee box.Turns out it has been waiting for me for quite some time--I hadn't been down to Salty Yarns in months. A BIG thank you to Ginny---I love it and appreciate your thinking of me!!!  Hope to see you soon!

Then, there was another surprise waiting for me!!! My friend, Syd (who also knows I love bee stuff) had messaged me to see if I was interested in a bee themed kit she had gotten from one of the prim stitching clubs. Needless to say I was! In fact, I had seen this design and fallen in love with it, only to find it was limited to club members. So, thanks to another thoughtful stitch buddy, I now have this in my possession. Isn't it great when we all look out for each other? Thank you Syd--can't wait to start this!!! And, thanks to Sara at Salty Yarns for being the 'go between' for my treasures! I am a lucky girl!!!!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!


  1. Staci, I couldn't have said it any better. You've summed up exactly how I feel too. And of course, we share that love of all things "bee!"

  2. I am one of those lucky gals who had the good fortune of meeting you in person! Lovely post, couldn't have said it any better!

  3. You are so right Stasi!