Monday, December 15, 2014

Busy as a Bee...............

Life has been very hectic lately. We have either been away or had company at home the last 4 weekends. On top of that, there is the frenzy of Christmas .....decorating, gift shopping, gift making, cookie baking, etc.... you all know the routine. I've also had a milestone in my life (perhaps one I'd like to forget) and am now eligible for social security!!! I don't feel that old, but I sure wish I could get some of those years back as I have so much more I want to stitch!!!! I'm jealous of younger stitchers and often wonder about all the fabulous things to come in the needlework world!! Oh well, I will just satisfy myself with the tons of things I already have to work on and push through it all!!!

So,here's my past month (buckle up for the ride)! I'm starting out with some shots of my granddaughters birthday. It was a Frozen theme and I think my daughter had some very fun ideas for the party.

 They even had an indoor snowball fight with white balls of yarn!!!

Next up was Thanksgiving at my house. We even had real snow for the kids to play in, so it was perfect. Our oldest daughter and family came up from VA, our younger daughter from NC, and my parents and various siblings from MD. It was hectic but fun-- I am very thankful for my family!!!
The next weekend w we were back to VA to babysit the grandkids, but it was a quick visit...down one day, back the next.

This past weekend, we drove to Baltimore for the annual aunts/cousins lunch with my Dad's side of the family. We had a big turnout (36 peeps) and it was so good to see everyone. Here is a shot of the whole group.....and keep in mind, we were still missing some relatives!

In between all this commotion my hubby managed to get himself a new, bigger motorcycle. Here's the happy guy with his new wheels!!!
Now yes, I have been getting some stitching done. Some are gifts and I'll have to share those later, but here is my granddaughter's ornament for this year. I'm still working on my grandsons.

As I mentioned earlier I celebrated my birthday last week. I had to share the wonderful gifts I received from my dear friend, Paola. She knew I would be taking Sherri Jones's Button Book class in April and sent me the most beautiful glass and pearl buttons from Paris. I can't wait to add them to my "book"!!!

Don't you just love the face button?

Paola also made me a beautiful Victorian styled needle book out of perforated paper. It is so delicate and lovely and I can only imagine the patience needed to cut out all the small details. Thanks Paola--you know I love it!!!

Well, I think that will be it for today; I hopefully haven't bored you to tears! I'll try to post again before Christmas, but if I don't, I wish you and yours a most festive and blessed Christmas/holiday season!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Wonderful gifts and happy birthday to you! Laura

  2. I completely know what you mean about the busy-ness of this season. I'm not ready for it either. You will love the class with Sherri! She's such a wonderful teacher. I too will be another year older before the month is through. Sigh. Happy belated birthday!

    1. Happy upcoming birthday Lisa-hope it's a good one and you can relax a bit by then!

  3. Oh the needlebook is so pretty! and those buttons... love those buttons! Trying to get things done here... a few more projects and a party on Sunday...Christmas day doing appetizers at my son's house...busy but happy! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!