Sunday, April 6, 2014

We All Live in a Yellow Submarine..................

I am so tickled with my new shoes!!! A friend had posted on FB about a new line of Vans featuring the Beatles and Yellow Submarine. I just had to have a pair and this seemed a great way to commemorate a group that was a very important part of my teenage years. These definitely make me feel like doing a "happy dance"! Enough said---here they are!!!!

Even the box they came in is cute!!!!

I have been stitching, working on a mermaid piece by Sue Hillis. I'm almost done with the stitching, just two more of the smalls. This has been a fun piece--lots of bright, happy colors, but quite a bit of over one and LOTS of color changes. I also finished a couple of gifts and will post those after they are gifted.

Spring is definitely here and that means baseball. Here's a pic of my grandson ready to play ball!!!!

I leave Thursday for Ocean City and have already started packing my stitching supplies and show and tell. It feels good to have all the pre-stitching done, although I don't always work on the finishing in class. I need quiet and calm so I can really pay attention to what I'm doing, not feel rushed and avoid mistakes. But I'll be ready whatever I choose to do! 

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!