Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Under the Boardwalk

Well, maybe not under the boardwalk, but I definitely put in quite a few miles on the boardwalk---thanks Sherry and Jayne!

I had a wonderful weekend down at the beach with my stitching buddies.It's become a tradition to head to Ocean City, Md for the Salty Yarns Super Bowl sale. We spend the weekend stitching, shopping and eating. We even managed to get in a ladies tea, visit to Serendipity quilt shop and lunch at the Cottage Cafe in Bethany Beach. Who could ask for anything more??? It is so motivating to see what everyone is working on, share thoughts and ideas and, of course, add to our stash! Thank you Sally and Sara for your kind is much appreciated!

Here is a photo of a mornings sunrise:


I made quite a bit of progress on the band for The Regal Bee and am loving it. The two colors, black and gold, are  just so dramatic! I did have some heart palpitations when I noticed a black sooty spot on the fabric as I unrolled the piece on my scroll frame. Thankfully, they were on the area I had not stitched and washed out. The actual fabric is not so gray..more creamy so the colors really POP!

One day I'll post a photo of the beautiful shaker box this piece will go is divine!!!

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