Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oh Happy Days

I am quite thrilled that my Merry Cox pre-stitch kit has arrived as I am very anxious to get started on it. I am taking two classes from Merry in June, only one that requires pre-stitching---thank goodness (as I'm also taking a Betsy Morgan class in June)!!!

Anyhow, I am ready to begin the Le Nouveau Palias Royal piece and it is just lovely. Merry asks we don't post any part of the kit on line but here is a link to the piece on her web site .I am stitching this one for my granddaughter, Cora, as it is mainly pinks and soft greens--very sweet and petite....just like her!  I am having a little issue in that the overdyed silk for the flowers that I received has a lot of dark blue in it and not much pink. The original flowers are all shades of pink which is what I would prefer. So, it was off to Stasi's shop (my personal stash) and lo and behold, I had  part of a skein of the color called for with much more pink in it. Problem solved!!! Yippee--I am ready to rock n roll!!!!

I've also got a bit more completed on The Regal Bee --the pincushion. Here are a couple photos showing the front and back:

Front of Pincushion

               Back of Pincushion

Sometimes, things just fall into place and find their way to the destined place. My friend, Debbie, had given me this beautiful antique bee button last year for Christmas. I've been squirreling it away for just the right project. Well, this is it!!! Don't you think this button will be absolutely perfect in the center of the pincushion front??? I am so loving it! Thanks Debbie!!!

I have been hungrily devouring the new items from the Nashville Market and need to make a final list of what I want. I do so miss going and seeing all the wonderful designers, projects and people up close and personal. But the internet sure makes it a little easier to bear. All reports say it was a very enthusiastic gathering and I'm so glad to hear that. Now, we must enthusiastically support our shop owners...and the needlework business in purchasing some of these products. I know I'll do my part! :)

Thanks for visiting...until next time.


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