Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Out of the Mouths of Babes

So, I haven't been doing much stitching. I have been sucked into my Kindle Fire and have been blazin' through books like crazy, now that I've figured out how to get them from my local library. I've finished that latest Janet Evanavich, two David Baldacci (I love the Camel Club), a Rizzoli and Isles (can't remember the author and it was my first in that series), The Hunger Games... and am now on to book two in that series. I am a true fiend when I am's all I want to do!!! If I had my way we'd starve while the dirty clothes piled up all around us and dust bunnies reproduced as... well....bunnies do. Alas, I do have to answer the business phone, cook dinners for the hubby and keep some semblance of order here in the house.

I have started to try to limit myself to just a few chapters before bed and stitch early in the evening. I've got a bit more stitched on the Regal Bee--finished one side of the pincushion and am working on the other side. I'll show a pic next time around.

We did have a fun time this past weekend babysitting our two grand kids. We even managed a trip over to Williamsburg (the kids live in the Richmond area) to visit my friend, Paola, who was at the stitching seminar there. Unfortunately, we didn't have a whole lot of time..bed time schedules and all...but still managed to walk the whole of Duke of Gloucester Street and share a meal with Paola. Paola also was able to share with me her stitched Berlin Work Sampler that she did over 1 on 45 count linen. It is stupendous and was stitched in honor of her 25th anniversary. It will be absolutely stunning once it is framed.

On the way home in the car, Rich was explaining the historical significance of Williamsburg to Asher. All about the taxation, fight for independence, etc. Asher was asking a million questions then shouted out " King George isn't getting my money, my toys or MY candy"!!! Needless to say, we cracked up thinking we certainly have a revolutionary in the family!

Til next time!

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