Wednesday, June 10, 2020

A Whole Lotta Stitchin'/Strollin' Going on....550-557

I have been a very busy bee since last time we met. I am trying to be industrious and work off nervous energy through needlework. Some days it works....some days it doesn't. I am still mainly staying home with weekly grocery shopping and a couple visits to Hobby Lobby. I did get my haircut the other day, which was interesting, but doable, with a mask! We are going to venture up to Baltimore tomorrow to see my parents; we haven't seen them since the beginning of February.  It'll be a day trip, so a lot of driving for a short visit. Do we hug...wear masks the whole time??? I don't know, I just feel we need to see them in person and they see us. 

I have a lot to share this post and it will be photo heavy. I'll try to be brief about each project, but if you have questions just leave in a comment. But be sure you have an e-mail listed  and aren't "no-reply blogger" as I can't respond personally to you if that's the case. I've been hopping around a lot--this is what it looks like next to me on the sofa:

First up, I've been cutting more rectangles for masks for a local Richmond group. I figure I've cut up about 75 yards of fabric into 6 X 9 rectangles so far. This is my latest batch:

Next is my progress on my SAL's:

iStitch Designs  Burgandy Sampler Band SAL
Peppermint Purple FB Blackwork SAL

Learning Stitches (Jeanette Douglas) SAL with Sassy Jacks
I had a couple birthdays I stitched gifts for:

Stand By Your Peeps by JABCO

Sampler Stitching Tote by Noteworthy Needle   This is on a tote bag that was available last year at Target. Stitched with #5 Perle cotton.

These are cute little holders for your perle cotton. The bottoms open up and you can store the little balls inside and "pull" up through the top.
Pearl (that's how it was spelled on the chart) Cotton Nestler by Patricks Woods

 This was a non stitched gift but I fell in love with it when I saw it..and yes, I had to get one for myself!!! Bay Dreams by Spartina case anyone is interested! :)

 Then I had some finishes for me...first up is A Fish Tale, a shop exclusive for Salty Yarns designed by Hands on Design. I decided to stitch this in honor of my grandson, James (he likes to fish and crab), so I put his initials on the top of the pincushion.

A little out of season but here is Autumn Blessings  by Noteworthy Needle, stitched on a foam pumpkin.

This came about with a little help from my lent me her chart and one sold me an extra silver ring..... Bee Pin Ball by Carriage House Samplings. I think I'm going to replace the ribbon with a silver chain.

And, I had to do a set of nestlers for myself!!!!

These two were finished by others:

Silk Sampler by Birds of a Feather framed by Patti Nicolosi of By My Hand Needl'werk's
PSS Retreat 2020 Bag finished by Faye Riggsbee (Carolina Stitcher) design by The Spinning Monkey

The Berry Thief by It's Fine-ally Finished

And last, but not least...a finish not yet FFO'd:

Fourth of July Sampler by The Humble Stitcher
Whew!!!! I think that's it for today. Thanks for strolling along with me..hope you enjoyed the ride! I'm off to see what's on the agenda today.....STITCHING...what else???

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!


  1. Great work, I love seeing what you've been doing. A Fish Tale is gorgeous and I love the little fish ruler inside the box.

  2. Stasi: I am out of breath, what a wonderful post, you have been a very busy lady.
    The Fish Tale has to be my favorite of this post, what a lovely design and finish.
    The Bee Pin Ball is new to me, I need to look this up.
    I am curious: Are the Pearle holders a new design? just curious, they are wonderful.
    The Peeps pillow is adorable, perfect coordinating fabric.
    Your Samplers are really coming along with stitch's.
    Have a beautiful day.


  3. You certainly are keeping busy, Stasi
    You really spread your “wings” onto so many different things and succeed in all of them
    Always a treat to see what you up to
    Looking forward to what was on your agenda....

  4. I like seeing it all up close and personal - pictures don't always show the details and love I see!!

  5. You are as busy as a bee!!! My goodness, you have accomplished so much!! Silk sampler is framed beautifully. Love the project bag, Faye does such nice work. I'm surprised you didn't finish it yourself! Your quite a seamstress, just look at all those masks! The wallet is fun, I had to see if they had one for the State of NY but no, maybe in the future. Great finishing with a Fish Tale and the little bee pin ball is neat. I'm guessing you wear it and stick your pins in it? Peeps is adorable and curious as to what Berry Thief will be with all those pieces. The little nesters are sweet, can you use perle cotton for cross stitching? Autumnal stitching is never out of season for me! Love the pumpkin and great 4th of July stitch too!!

  6. Oh my Stasi, you sure have been busy!
    Like Laura, the serial starter says, I almost had a hernia & a heart attack! lol
    They are all beautiful, I think my favorite is the Silk Sampler, love the colors.
    I love Sherri's designs, & still have her berry bag to stitch!
    Thanks for sharing all of the pics.

  7. Oh what a fine collection of embroidered pieces, Stasi. You certainly have worked off a lot of nervous energy!! Kudos to you. And not only finish the stitching but also the finishing which I tend to put off. Again, congrats. Missing you!! xo Molly

  8. You have a great selection of work. I hadn't seen the Perle nestlers before. What a good idea.

  9. Everything looks wonderful! My favorite are the nesters. Is that pattern available for purchase, or was it a class piece?

  10. Wow! I am sitting here scrolling up and down reviewing each pictures. You have been most productive, Stasi. Those nesting 'balls' are adorable. Well done on everything!

  11. Holy Smokes Stasi! You sure are getting a LOT done! Fabulous work as always my friend. I hope and pray you have a safe trip to visit your parents. I know how you feel. I miss being with my Mom terribly. I have not hugged or kissed her for many months now.

    1. Just catching up with my favorite blogging friends today, Stasi! I can't believe how much you have been getting done--do you sleep? Ha ha! Glad you can channel that nervous energy into something productive.

      How did your visit with your parents go? Did you keep the masks on? We finally saw my middle son and his girlfriend in late May and didn't hug them, but didn't wear masks as we kept apart and ate on our patio. Then on Father's Day I just couldn't stand it and gave him a quick hug. It's so hard, isn't it?

      Take care now and keep on stitching ♥

  12. Love the pin ball, Stasi! Nice finishing job, too.

  13. I don't blog but love following you and other needle workers! I hope all is well, look forward to a new blog! You do amazing work!