Friday, May 8, 2020

And we're still hanging in there.....

I haven't been counting the actual days that I've been self isolating, but I know it's going on two months. You would think the time would be dragging, but I feel every day/week is going by so fast....perhaps that is a good thing!!! I keep busy with my stitching and I've been cutting fabric for masks for a local group in Richmond while my sewing machine was in the shop. I managed to get a haircut from the girl that does my daughter's family and my hubby's hair. She came to my daughters garage...mask and antiseptic in tow...I feel much better now. So basically, I stitch while binging some show after I've done any chores. I watched 5 seasons of When Calls the Heart and am currently watching an NBC show called Zoe's Extraordinary Playlist...on the suggestion of my younger's rather quirky but lots of musical numbers, which I love. A retreat I was going to has been cancelled a second time and I miss seeing my stitching buddies and sharing our passion. I have been texting daily with a small group of friends and we're sharing our projects that way.

 So, now on to what I've been working on. As I said above, I've been cutting yards of fabric into 6X9 inch rectangles to be made into masks. At last count, I've cut up about 45 yards. Here is one days worth:

I've also made about 100 masks for family and friends. That put my machine into a tail pin and I had to venture out to the repair shop. Luckily, it was only about a 10 day wait period and I have it back, as I finally got three of the Brenda Gervais project bags to make for myself. 

I'm a week behind on my SAL's. The weekly installment for the blackwork piece is a long narrow band where you are supposed to put a quote of some kind.. Since I'm doing mine on banding, it won't fit. So, I will have to improvise a bit. I'm thinking about just dong the graphic element alone or starting to do single boxes down one side and doing my quote vertically. Hmmmm...any thoughts? Here is where I am to date:

I am now two weeks behind in my iSTitch band sampler, but you will see why shortly.

I have started a mini SAL with two friends. We are starting the Berry Thief by Jackie du Plessis. I was lucky to find a complete kit for sale on FB recently and snatched it up. I haven't gotten too far but at least it's started. (Sorry, couldn't figure out how to get photo bigger)

Berry Thief Needle page
I decided to put in an all out effort to get Seeking Refuge by The Scarlett House completed. It took about a month to stitch. I chose to stitch it on 46 count Vintage Buttercream linen (it's much more golden than photo) with a combination of Victorian Motto, WDW and GAST fibers, heavy on the VM's.  I made the checkerboard borders two toned, changed the bunnies from white to brown and substituted beehives for the dogs. I meant to move the dogs down to where the birds are....but forgot, so birds it is! I love this piece and the saying was perfect for these crazy days.

 I will close with a Happy Mother's Day wish for all and hope that you can visit in person (at a safe distance) or virtually with your Moms and/or children. Here are a couple photos from our garden to end with. Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!

Scotch Broom

Our 'mini' wildflower garden



  1. Dear Stasi
    I enjoyed reading your post
    You know how to make the best use of your days. Your do your chores , you do a lot for your community, you save some precious time for your stitching projects and you never forget to have a nice word for all those who are lucky enough to know you.
    You are an inspiration and we love you
    Happy Mother’s Day to you, Stasi

  2. I am glad you have your machine back Stasi. The Strawberry Thief will be gorgeous! Seeking Refuge IS gorgeous! We are visiting with my Mom tomorrow outside safely. I want to see her SO bad! I have not seen her in person or at all ( She and I do not own cell phones.) since the beginning of March now. Happy Mother's Day Stasi!

  3. We were talking how the days are going fast also.
    It's only 27 degrees here today!
    Love all of your projects, Seeking Refuge turned out nice, love that one.
    Wishing you a great weekend & Mother's Day!

  4. Seeking Refuge is stunning. Well done on your finish! I am sorry your retreat was canceled. You are right about the days going quickly. Hard to believe we are already into the month of May! I am glad you have your sewing machine back; good for you on the mask making. Wishing you a lovely Mother's Day weekend, Stasi!

  5. Stasi, You overworked your sewing machine!! I can't imagine sewing so many masks! It took me a day to make 8! I need a series to watch, I'll look for When Calls the Heart on amazon and netflix. Where did you find the project bags? I have been looking at Country stitchers and they have been out for the longest time.
    I am so impressed that you got Seeking Refuge completed in a months time with everything else you have done. It's gorgeous and I'm sure you will always recall you stitched it in the lockdown. The weeks have been flying by for me too! Not that I accomplish the amount you do!! Stay well. Mary

  6. Stasi: Wow your sewing machine pooped out, that is a load of stitching to make it do so.
    Your Samplers are lovely.
    I do like the color change in the Seeking Refuge Sampler, so very pretty.
    Thank-you for sharing the floral photos with us, they look lovely.
    Stay Healthy


  7. Oh wow, that's going to make plenty of masks, good for you!
    Your SALs are look great so far and Seeking Refuge looks fantastic especially during these crazy times.