Monday, June 22, 2015

A Quick Catch Up Before I'm Off Again.......

Okay...I really shouldn't be doing this, as I have tons to do to get ready for my trip to Cincinnati on Thursday, but have been feeling guilty about not posting after my class earlier this month. It's not as if I've been slacking, it's just that our business has been in full swing and I've been away every weekend. The ole "bod" just doesn't bounce back like it used to and I'm tired!!!! 

Here's a quick synopsis of my visit to Salty Yarns in Ocean City, MD ( June 2-7):
Arrived Thursday, checked into my room at The Lankford,got my goodie bag, caught up with my roomie, Debbie, in the lobby, ordered carry out Chinese for dinner, stitched the evening away in the lobby.

The Lankford Hotel

Room at The Lankford

antique dressers/tables in every room
Goodie bag consisted of this fabulous box of finishing fillings--emery, ground nut shells(with and w/o lavender scent) and poly pellets...and a 15% discount on purchases that weekend

Friday was a finishing class with Betsy that I didn't sign up for so I worked all morning on business related matters, ate my leftover lunch from Thursday, browsed Salty Yarns, met up with friends, dinner at Fagers Island and a reception at Salty Yarns for all attendees. 

Saturday had class with Betsy, Can't see the Forest, accomplished goal of getting "drawer" put together, lunch provided, carry out dinner from Chipotle, reception for attendees and more stitching/gabbing in the lobby.

Drawer for class piece

Sunday I was free again as I had already taken the class, This One's for Betty, so I hung out in Salty Yarns (hoping I was keeping Sally company and not being a pest) and managed to get some stitching in on a piece I had brought to work on. Most people started to head home but those of us that were staying over gathered in the lobby again to stitch..and oh..dinner at Sunset Grille!
Pin Money Pocket

My finished stitching--now to put it together!

Monday, spent the day with Paola, went to Serendipity quilt shop in Dagsboro, DE, lunch at local restaurant there, back to purchase my stash and then a lovely dinner to celebrate Sally's birthday!!!
Fabric purchases (I was soooo good)

Close up--love the x's

Stash purchase

stash purchase

Tuesday-- on the road home early with a quick stop at Anthony's for pit beef sandwiches to take home to hubby for dinner.

So there you have it; I'm sure I've overlooked some things but the days do go by in such a blur. So much to share, learn, catch up on  and chat about. 

Since this is taking longer than I anticipated, I'll follow up tomorrow with another post so you aren't totally bored to death! I have some gifts I made to share and some gifts I received.

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Wow! Sounds like a great trip. I hope to add that Stitching by the Sea to my stash one of these days.

  2. Your "Pin Money" is sweet... and the stash enhancement looks wonderful. If you have time when you are in Cincinnati let me know... I could meet up with you and Donna again...I ran into Donna about 2 weeks ago at Michaels and we talked for quite a while but I forgot to ask her about when you were coming to town. Have a safe trip!

  3. You have been busy! Have fun in Cincinnati this weekend!