Friday, May 15, 2015

Can't See the Forest..............

I have completed the pre-stitching on Can't See the Forest by Betsy Morgan. This is a class I'm taking in June at Salty Yarns. Now, I didn't have to pre-stitch this but couldn't wait to get started on it's so darn cute.....and now I can concentrate on the finishing at class. Counting the days!!!! This was a fun little stitch and I'm loving the green fabric......yes it's green!!!! I rearranged the  pieces a bit so I have a nice section to do something else on. This will be a little box and a scissor fob.

I also got a gift stitched and finished for a friend's birthday. It's A Lady's Trimkeep by Plum Street Samplers. I did it in one color and added the tiny ladybug buttons. You're supposed to wrap your "special" trims around it in the open space between the letters. Quite useful...don't you think? Hope she likes it!!!

I got an e-mail last night right at dinner time that someone had hacked my credit card---2- $75 charges to Dave and Busters and a $.01 charge which is a dead giveaway that they were "phishing". Luckily, the credit card company picked up on it and after my confirming they weren't my charges, closed the account and will be sending me a new card. Oh...those darn cyber thieves!!!!!

My sweet grandson turned 7 the other day--I just can't believe it!!! He was so tiny when he was born...under 5 pounds! Here he is in all his baseball glory!!!!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!


  1. Oh "Can't See the Forest" is lovely... I'll be looking forward to seeing this finish! And on the subject of credit card fraud... I got hacked the week before the wedding... luckily I wasn't liable for any of the charges but by the time I was notified and they shut my card down the thieves had charged almost a thousand dollars. Happy I don't have to pay the charges but it was the card I use to pay lots of monthly bills automatically and it takes time to go and change all those accounts... back to stitching!

    Your grandson is adorable.... they grow up soooooo fast! have a great weekend!

  2. Congratulations on getting the stitching finished on Can't See the Forest! The Trim pillow for you friend turned out great. What blue did you use? Credit card fraud seems to be on the rise; it is too bad these people can't put their technology skills to better use. Your grandson is a cutie! Enjoy your weekend!

    Robin in Virginia

  3. I just finished the 3 panels and now moving on to the top and's been a fun stitch..can't wait to see you..won't be long. Also, thanks so much for your assist in my Mother's Day gift...I can't wait to sew something, but getting through the manual is taking time. Mercy, this reminds me so much of my Bernina....Love it. Asher looks adorable...

  4. I don't blame you for stitching ahead. It's too dang cute not to! Can't wait to see it finished. I'm sure it's going to be cute as a button.