Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Quaker Sewing Roll Finish

 I did manage to get the Travel-sized Quaker Sewing Roll  by Catherine Theron put together. However, the fabric was so stiff, it didn't want to "roll", so I've just folded it and tied together with the cording. I love the colors on this--very traditional Williamsburg colors. This was a kit you could get as a group from a Guild and came with the tiny Bohin scissors. 

outside of roll

inside of roll with needlecase and pocket at the bottom

Needlecase opened and back side of scissor fob

Closed roll and front side of scissor fob

Since this blog was to include my "grandblessings", here are photos of the first day of school.
Our toothless boy

future fashion model...perhaps????

I should be back in the next day or so with so my Halloween project, so be on the lookout!!!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Stasi your Quaker roll is gorgeous !
    Mr Asher is so cute and Cora, you are right, is ready for the catwalk!

  2. The grandkids are adorable!

    The stitching roll is beautiful and the little doily is a very nice touch. :-)

    Please bring down the next time we are all at Salty Yarns. I'd love to see it in person!

    Cynthia M.