Monday, September 29, 2014

Our "throw away" Society

Need a little venting space!!!

My beloved Husqvarna machine, which has served me so well, is on the fritz!!! It won't feed the material and so I have taken it to 2 repair shops.... so far. I am on a mission!!!

The first said they wouldn't even look at it, that it's TOO old and they can't get parts. The owner actually said I was lucky it lasted as long as it has and at my age, if I buy a new one, it will last me the rest of my life!!!  The second guy, very nice, said it's a circuit board issue and he's old school and hasn't been trained in that. He was very apologetic and understanding. Of course, he doesn't SELL sewing machines and didn't have ulterior motives. I've now called 3 different people today, one won't even look at it, one will but said it's doubtful he can get parts and I'm probably looking at a new machine ( he also sells machines) and I'm waiting to hear back from the repair guy at my local JoAnns, but not feeling very hopeful.

The long and short of it is...  I don't want a new machine..thank you very much. I am extremely comfortable with my old machine; it has been my sewing companion for 28 years and I know all its ins and outs. Is 28 years old really that old in sewing machine years? I have a Featherweight from 1952 and it still purrs!!! In fact, I have been using it while my Viking has been ill. I know the newer machines are made with plastic, not metal, and the computer features are wonderful but evidently don't hold up. It just seems that everything today is made for planned obsolescence. Now truth be told, this wouldn't bother me as much if it was a vacuum cleaner or dishwasher but it's my good ole buddy, ole pal!!!

So, I will continue on my mission to save my friend. Please keep your fingers crossed for me... and thanks for allowing me to vent! Will keep you posted!



  1. Hi there, it may be worth a try to contact Stoneybrook Sew and Vac in Bordentown, NJ 08505
    (609) 372-4018. Now they do sell machines (Husqavarna/Viking, Brother, etc). But I have had good luck there, both with sales and service...

  2. Thanks Dana. Unfortunately, I live in WV and that would be a bit of a drive. :) It's definitely not something I could order a part for and fix myself.

  3. I understand your feelings. About 5 years ago I broke down and replaced my Singer Golden Touch & Sew, my high school graduation present (I graduated in 1969), which could no longer be repaired or work. I do like the replacement Bernina but it's **not** my sewing machine. And I still have my Singer, it's too much a part of me to just throw away. :-)

    1. Michelle,
      Somehow we do get attached. The one repair guys wife said she's had women cry when they get this news!!!

  4. Good luck on your mission...I hope it can be saved!