Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Final Day in Ocean City

Tuesday started with a brisk walk on the boardwalk, this time with Sara and Paola. Then Paola and I were off to Serendipity Quilt Shop in Dagsboro, DE. This is a wonderful shop and even though I don't quilt, I always find some fun fabric. They carry LOTS and also have a large selection of hand-dyed wool and some knitting yarn. Here is a link to their web site and if you ever get a chance to stop by...DO!!!
 Here is what I bought there:

The "word" fabric has all kinds of sewing/stitching related phrases like " I run with scissors", "stitch happy", "threads that bind", etc..  The tree fabric features bands of the four seasonal trees. I'm a sucker for 4 seasons things!!! The book has a number of really cute ideas in it and timing was great because they had just gotten it in.

Lunch was on the way back at Kool Bean in Bethany Beach. I had a breakfast style Monte Cristo sandwich that was d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s! It was on french toast with ham and swiss, then scrambled eggs on top. I can't wait to try it at home!

That evening was my first ever Stitch and Bitch with the group from Salty Yarns. I feel like I was a bit of a "sad sack" because by that time I was just plain pooped. I still enjoyed getting some stitching done and hearing abut the others projects.

Now onto the stash I bought at Salty Yarns--I did control my urges but am very happy with what I got. Here goes:

I also bought some charms, fibers and some black gold needles...but can you tell I'm running out of steam...I didn't photograph them to add--sorry! That's because I wanted to share the gifts I received from my buds!

Debbie hand painted this adorable box and glued the shells on top. Inside was set of lovely counting pins. To go along with the "beach" theme was a bag of shell shaped chocolate candy--how sweet!!! Thanks Deb!

Sara gave me this pair of sewing tools/gadgets...and I love gadgets!!! It's a pincushion you wear on your finger and a waxer! How clever! Thanks Sara!

And one last gift from Paola who knows I love my tea--straight from England! Thanks again, Paola!

Well so comes an end to Stasi's version of an "excellent adventure". I had a wonderful time as usual and hated to go. But it was an early start, 7:00 AM, for me the next morning and I had planned stops at Anthonys for pit beef and Fishermans Wharf for crab cakes and soup--my little treats for hubby! It was back to reality time!!!!

Thanks for allowing me to share and your "twisted threads" of friendship! Hopefully I'll see you back soon with some more finishes.



  1. It looks like you had a wonderful time, Stasi! I bought the same Gail Pan book and will be taking a class from her in August in Spokane.
    Everything in the east seems so much closer together than out west.