Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.........

It's an absolutely gorgeous day--vivid blue skies with a few floating clouds, brilliant sunshine and very agreeable temps (low 70's). So what, you may ask, am I doing here on the computer instead of being outside! I am trying to bring the outside in with open doors and windows while I get some work done in the house. I have a cake in the oven and thought I'd squeak a quick post in while it finishes baking. It's an old family recipe from a friend of mines Mom--a hot milk cake. Is it any wonder it's so 'delish' when the recipe calls for 1 stick of butter, 4 eggs and 2 cups sugar? I do have to say, it is smelling heavenly right now!!! As for smelling heavenly, I found a bottle of  sauce at TJ Maxx yesterday called Harvest Apple and Maple Sauce from Rothschilds. I poured it over a some pork chops last night for dinner and boy was it yummy!!! The added benefit was it made the house smell yummy all last evening and even into this morning. But I digress...............

I did manage to get the biscornu I had stitched finished this week. It's caled Pining to Stitch  and was in the EGA publication, Needlearts, March 2012 issue. I did change colors/fibers to make use of my stash but followed all the stitches and layout. I added my initials on the front and my hubby's and year we were married on the back. I happened to have a small JABCO pine cone button that I also used on the back. This is only my second biscornu but I can see many more in my future--they are really fun to make and would make great gifts!

I also finished the pinball from my class last Saturday at the Loudoun Sampler Guild, but am holding off posting a photo as it is a gift. Again, a fun class and finish!

I've worked a bit this week on the I Am a Stitcher  piece, but had to pick up my reading as a book I was into was ready to expire on my Kindle. It was not something I would normally read but I found myself captivated. It was a true story, called Unbroken  by Laura Hillenbrand, about the 1936 Olympic runner, Louis Zamperini who was captured by the Japanese during WWII. Reading about his time as a POW was quite disturbing to me, but also uplifting that someone could survive the torture and cruelty he did and somehow manage to fight through it all, forgive his aggressors and find peace in his life. A truly amazing story!!!

I was happy to arrive home yesterday and notice a box sitting on our front porch---- even happier that it was for me and not my hubby's new motorcycle jacket. It was my supplies for an on line class, The Tea Time Basket by Barbara Jackson through The Shining Needle Society. I've never had a class with Barbara before but everything looks very well organized and planned out. I know I'm going to love it as it involves two of my favorite things--tea and stitching--how could I go wrong!!!

Well, cakes out of the on to the fudge icing!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Thanks for a lovely post!
    Your biscornu is truly beautiful Stasi.
    Love the hedebo stitches for the pinecones,and the little button:)
    So happy for you to be taking class with Barbara,
    I wish you lots of fun with the basket project.
    Barbaras designs are amazing and beautiful.
    Thought about taking the class too, but I am so overwhealmed with projects waiting to be done.
    (AND I bought Greenoffs Flower Book chart too,
    I got so inspired when you talked about it before:)
    Enjoy the yummy cake, and thanks for sharing your beautiful works, take care.

    1. Anette, Thanks again for posting--knowing someone is actually reading my blog makes it worthwhile to keep posting. I am excited about the class project and started stitching some last night. I'm crazy to take it on but can't help myself! :)
      Take care,

    2. Hihi yes, I can imagine you wanted to start on the casket project:)
      it is so very beautiful and the colours Barbara uses are so soft and sweet.Isn´t it also always a special feeling to start fresch on the linen when taking that first steps on a new thing?
      Sometimes we all have to be allowed to get alittle crazy, and us stitchers specially-with all kinds of lovely projects that comes our way it is hard to be strong:)
      I am not strong at all...
      Enjoy your new projects so very much and thanks again for letting us all share your lovely works!
      Take care,

  2. You have been busy finishing too! Beautiful biscornu!

  3. Oh, and I wish I had taken that Barbara Jackson class...thought about it. Should have done it...