Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Down By the Sea............

I just spent the most wonderful weekend in Ocean City, MD at a stitching retreat hosted by Salty Yarns. 
My trip started out with lunch with an old neighbor in Annapolis. Now when I say old neighbor, it is a wonderful 29 year old who is like a son to me. I'm amazed he's interested in meeting up with me, but we've done this a few times and talk non-stop the whole lunch. His parents are some of our closest friends and he and his brothers shared their early years together in Bethlehem, PA.
Then, it was on to OC  where I arrived a little shaken after witnessing a bad accident (the car in front of me drove off the rode and hit a metal lamppost and telephone pole) and having to negotiate--quickly I might add-- under falling wires across the highway. It was either sit and have them fall on my car or hit the gas and hopefully make it under them. I'm happy my reflexes kicked in and I chose the latter, pulled over and called 911 on the other side. Not sure what the outcome was because I didn't feel it was safe to go back over the wires and the cars behind me had pulled over to help.

All that aside, the event was a class, from Betsy Morgan (Of Willing Hands) called the Elizabethan Casket Etui. What a fabulous piece!!! It showcases diffferent styles of stitching from around the world.

We spent two days in class learning all the techniques and receiving instructions. I have taken classes from Besty before, but always manage to walk away with something new. We completed the thimble bag in class.

Note the sweet little hedebo butonhole bars to run the cording through (that is when I've made it)

I learned a really neat "new to me" stitch, the Aztec stitch, which is featured in Mexican embroidery. This involved some drawn work and wrapping, but is a really fun and beautiful stitch.

I  love Betsy's designs and am always thrilled when I can make it to one of her classes. I hate to say I'm a "groupie" because that brings up images of teenage girls following rock stars all around, but I guess I'm a "devotee". I just find her pieces well thought out, challenging and just plain beautiful. If you can ever manage to take a class with her, by all means do!!! I can't wait for the next one!

I managed to but a few items while there I thought I'd share. First, Betsy had some mother of pearl "game Pieces" that can be used as thread winders. I got two:

 The one on the left looks like it has a shamrock on it, though I'm sure it's a club. The one on the right has a flower. I know they're hard to see, but the surface reflected any light.
Then I got a lovely wooden beeskep for my Regal Bee box and a bee scissor keep from Puffin and Company.

As for the weekend in general, what can better than spending it at the beach with fellow stitchers with similar interests. Sally and Sara treat us superbly and it's great to catch up with the ladies. There is always some "show and tell" and my friends, Debbie and Paola, had some lovely finished pieces to share. I always come home feeling renewed and anxious to start and/or finish projects.

Next up, in 2 weeks is a trip to Cincinnati for two classes with Merry Cox at Squirrels Nest Getaway. Skyline Chili here I come!!!!!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful experience - great class and great company! Your stitching is beautiful and the finished piece will definitely be an heirloom. Just as I finished reading your post a commercial for Skyline came on- and I'm sure you'll want to hit Graters too. Have fun!

  2. Stasi - The Aztec stitch looks like it was fun to learn. It sounds like you had a fabulous weekend! We were going through WV over the weekend - I wasn't sure what part of the state you're in and don't know if I was even close to your town.

    1. Syd,
      I live in the Eastern Panhandle of WV, near Martinsburg. It'a a little south of Hagerstown, MD and a little north of Winchester, VA. If you're ver close, you'll have to give me a call.