Friday, March 20, 2020

Happy Spring and a Little Strolling....(544-547)

Greetings all and happy spring ...I wish you could be here to small my hyacinths..they are heavenly!!! We could never have them in WV as the deer made a meal out of them every year. So far, so good here in RVA. The daffodils are popping and the phlox is creeping..spring flowers are definitely my favorite!

I know all of us are reeling from this coronaviris situation but I am trying to remain calm, go about my business as much as I can and be safe. That means pretty much staying home except for the grocery store. I've only seen the grands once in over a week and that is tough! Good things are happening though, small but meaningful....I see people smiling at each other more at the grocery, clerks being told to stay safe and thanks for being here, people letting my 89 year old Mom go to the front of the line when picking up a prescription. My granddaughters teacher actually had her students get on line and she read them a bedtime story!!! We need to look for the good in all this while being safe and hoping for positive outcomes for all.

Speaking of my grands...I have to do a little grandmotherly bragging grandson, Asher, was named Student of the Year at his middle school. I was told he was chosen out of 1500 students!!! We are so proud of him!!!

Asher visited by Principal to present award
And, please forgive me, but I have to mention that my younger daughter, Jess, also got Teacher of the Year at her school in NC. She works at an 'at risk' high school and faces  many challenges with a level head and caring heart. We have so much to be thankful for! (No picture, she'd never forgive me!)

Some disappointments like the PSS retreat being postponed to 2021,shops closing to the public,  Guild meetings and stitch groups being cancelled as well as baseball/soccer games. Thanks goodness for the internet where we can stay in touch virtually. Have you seen all the freebie charts that designers are starting to come out with to help with our confinement??? How generous is that!!! They just ask we call our LNS for supplies, if needed, to help them through these troubling times. 

I forgot to mention in my last post about the floss tubers I met at Market. It was so exciting to meet Vonna (Twisted Stitcher), Stephanie (Just Keep Stitching) , Michelle (Bendy Stitches), Suzy Reno and Kim from Sassy Jacks/Yonder Ways.

As for stitching...I have been a very busy bee...lots of finishing and stitching. I've been concentrating on finishing in the mornings and early afternoons, then switching to stitching for the remainder of the day. I am liking this staying at home and getting things accomplished...not sure how long it will last before I get cabin fever..... but for now, I am enjoying it immensely!!! I'll start with some finishes; I'll put info in the caption under the photos.

Jolly Santa by Bent Creek--stitched in 2002 (Zipper kit)

Cabin in the Globe by Bent Creek stitched in 2002 (Zipper kit)

A Stitch in Time by With Thy Needle and Thread.... Stitched with called for fabric and fibers

Stitching by the Sea by CA Wells....called for fibers but substituted a light blue fabric

A Tisket, A Tasket by JBW...kit, stitched as called for
Now for what I'm currently working on...and yes, I have a banding thing going on!!! First up is the Burgandy Sampler Band SAL from iStitch Designs...up to week 11.

Next is the Peppermint Purple Blackwork SAL on FB.. through week 12.

Third is an on line class with Sassy Jacks, Learning Stitches by Jeanette Douglas...first two lessons, Hungarian and Ray stitches.

 I've been trying hard to keep up with these SAL's but that means other projects are falling by the way side. I did start a new project that I got at Market, Little Dumpling Travel Bag by Thistles. This was one of the classes taught at Market but the designer had some extras in her room. You're seeing the back side of the piece in the photo.

That's about it......oh wait..... I thought I would have a little drawing now.... something to work on perhaps as we are stuck at home!!! So, you must be a follower (you can check the Followers widget at the bottom left of this page to be sure you're legit) of my blog and leave a comment stating which, or both,  of the two charts you'd like to be entered for. I will draw two names on the morning of March 31st, so check back then to see if you've won and get me your mailing info. Here are the charts (see above for finished designs):

A Stitch in Time by WTNT

A Tisket, A Tasket by JBW Designs

Good luck everyone and thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Love seeing what you've been up to lately. If selected, I'd like to stitch the With Thy Needle & Thread chart ("A Stitch in Time") -- so pretty!
    Thank you.

  2. Love all your stitching finishes! The Santa is adorable.
    Would love to enter for With Thy Needle and Thread “A Stitch In Time”. Thank you for the chance!
    Stay well and continue stitching for peace and well being.

  3. Your stitching and finishing is gorgeous! I would love to win A Tisket, a Taskit" by JBW. Love it! Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. Awesome stitching and finishing going on at your house, Stasi! I love the banding 'thing' you have going on. How cool about Asher being chosen as Student of the Year at his school! Well done, Asher! And congratulations to your youngest daughter on being selected as Teacher of the Year at her school! What an honor!

    Please don't enter me for your giveaways! While both are lovely, I have plenty just crying out here.

    Enjoy the weekend!

  5. Love reading about your family’s accomplishments as well as your stitching finishes. I’d like WTNT chart “A Stitch In Time”. I too am enjoying the extra time at home for more stitching. Thanks for you positivity, Stasi. Stay healthy.

  6. Stasi, You are certainly taking advantage of being confined to the house!! Your an accomplished finisher besides stitcher! The WTNT piece is giving me guilt, RJ sent that pattern and fabric to me quite some time ago...I need to start that during this quarantine. The Tisket a Tasket basket is very similar to a bedcover that my grandfather stitched while my father was in WWII. It's covered with those pretty baskets with flowers. He found stitching a great stress reliever than as we do now!
    I ordered from Kim at Sassy Jacks and my order came so quickly and nicely wrapped, I will be ordering from her again.

    Congratulations to Asher and Jess!!! What wonderful honors they were both bestowed with, you must be so proud of their accomplishments. Stay well. Mary

  7. Congrats to Asher!! That's quite an accomplishment!
    All of your finishes are too cute, By the Sea is beautiful!
    Awesome banding projects also.

  8. How fantastic for Asher!!And Jess! :) Your finishes are great Stasi! Stay well my friend.

  9. Would you please share which designers put out a freebie? Perhaps by now they might put it on their website. THanks.

    1. jhm..they are popping up all over FB and IG..not sure if they're posting on websites or not, but here a few I've seen...Heart in HAnd, Amy Bruecken, Needlemade Designs, Queenstown Sampler Design, Hands on Design, Sue Hillis, The Drawn Thread, Jeanette Douglas, Mani di Donna and The Essamplaire. #bewell

  10. Stasi: You should be proud of them both, what an honor to have the Principle visit.
    You have some lovely finish's here, I am loving your samplers.
    Please do not include me in the drawing, I have so much to catch up on.
    Stay healthy.


  11. Beautiful stitching and finishing! Stay safe and well.

  12. How wonderful for both Asher and your daughter, Jess, Stasi! A proud mom and grandma you must certainly be :) My sister is a high school English teacher in inner-city Boston and has faced (and conquered) many challenges along the way. She is due to retire this year and is very sad that she may not go back into the classroom at all...

    Amazing, amazing stitching! WOW! Unlike you, I'm not getting much done--really struggling with concentration with all that is going on. Hope things improve on that front as well as in the battle against the virus. At least the sun is out today and that puts a smile on my face :) Take care now...

  13. I just caught up on your activities and boy, you've got a lot going on! Such nice honors for your daughter and grandson. Good thing you can sew - those buttons are (rightly) popping! Plus you have some stitching mojo right now. I wish I felt like finishing something! I would like to stitch either a Stitch in Time or A Tisket a Tasket. Thank you for taking the time to blog; you always have great eye candy! Take care.

  14. Your Christmas/winter pillows are really cute! Great finishing job. I would be interested in the WTNT Stitch in Time chart. What a lovely design!

  15. I forget that there IS life outside of FB and Instagram. Your finished pieces are such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing, Stasi. The With Thy Needle and Thread is a beautiful finish. I'd be interested in that one. Be well!

  16. Your stitching is always beautiful and an inspiration for me to stitch and finish. Hope your family is doing well during this time. I would be interested in stitching A Tisket A tasket by JBW Designs. Have a great week!

  17. Hi Stasi, I'd love to be entered into the draw for A Stitch in Time please, that is if you ship outside the US.

  18. Thought I commented, but think I was making sure I was a follower and then squirrel...forgot about commenting. Congrats to grandson and daughter...makes you so proud, I know. Just stitching away when I'm not working here in MO. The WTNT design please.....though both are charming. Thanks for sharing.