Tuesday, February 18, 2020

I Met a Rock Star.......(541) the blogging/IG world......robin_in_virginia!!!  We crossed paths...sadly for a VERY short an event in Williamsburg this past weekend. Robin was at a stitching retreat and I was taking a class from Lauren Sauer at the same venue. We knew we may have the opportunity to hook up but time was of the essence. I got there as early as I could Sunday morning (my class started at 9:00am and I was driving about 90 minutes from home) and was settling in to my class "space" when Robin walked in and waved. It took me a minute to realize it was her but 'happy day' it was!!! So we had a visit of approximately 5-10 minutes before my class began, but it was so wonderful to meet this most supportive and kind person. Robin has been a mainstay in the blogging world for a long time and now is sharing and commenting on IG. I know I have appreciated her positive feedback for awhile now. In anticipation we, unbeknownst to the other, had brought tokens of our on line friendship. Robin gifted me a fabulous hand drawn needle minder and two packs of glorious colors of,!! Thanks so much Robin--you know me well.

I had been going through some old UFO's and stumbled across this preface piece from a Betsy Stinner class I took in 1998. The piece was called Friends Sampler and I thought it quite appropriate to finish up as a small token for Robin. I had some perfect backing fabric on hand and filed it with lavender scented walnut shells.

Robin and I have plans to meet up again sometime this spring when we can really 'visit'!!! We only live about 90 minutes away from each other.

Here we are.....

Here is the class I was taking from Lauren, The Sassenach's Sampler .  It is based on the Outlander series of books.

 Other news, I've gotten a couple new 'toys'. First is a Halo Bolt, a power bank that can be used to power your lights at a stitching event. Some venues are requiring you to have one of these so there aren't cords running all over the place. We had bought one at Costco (hubby loved it because it can also jump start your car) but the day before class I realized it didn't have an AC plug...just USB's...wouldn't work. So I ordered one from Amazon, but too late to take to Williamsburg.

The other 'toy' was a little sewing machine.... a Janome mini, that the girls can use when they come over. It's very light weight and very they won't be using my Babylock. Here is Esther giving it a whirl.....  The best thing is it was only $10!!!

Hope you have a great week!!! I'm off to JoAnns to buy some fabric to make chair covers for our porch furniture. The pollen is so bad here...... we want to  keep it covered..... and as warm as it's been, feel pollen time may be sooner than usual. Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!


  1. What a cute little sewing machine! Are they normally $10 and did you get it at Joann's? Off to get information about that Halo Bolt!

    When I read your title, I thought you were talking about Lauren Sauer and snorted my coffee when you were talking about me. It was a pleasure to meet up face to face after all these years. And yes, we do need to make plans to get together this spring. Thank you again for my little pillow!

  2. That is so special that you two got to meet in person--and your smiles say it all :) Even if it was a short visit, I know how much it meant. Love that you brought each other little gifts--they are so sweet.

    Oh, a sewing machine for $10??? Was it used? I'm sure the girls will love having their own machine.

    Have fun making your seat covers. I well remember the pollen down your way from our many trips to the University of Richmond. The very first tour we took lasted about two hours and when we arrived back at our car it was absolutely coated in a thick layer of pollen. Never saw anything like it! On the other hand, you do have the most beautiful flowering shrubs and lovely trees down your way :)

  3. Like I said on IG, I am so jealous that you two got to meet in person! I would love to meet you both!! What a great, cheap sewing machine for the girls!

  4. How fun to have developed a friendship on line that sticks. You wrote a lovely story.

  5. How wonderful that you met Robin, and those gifts are so pretty.
    That Sampler is beautiful!
    Need to check out that HALO.
    Esther looks like she is having fun with that machine!

  6. How lovely that you and Robin got to meet and it does not surprise me at all that the two of you exchanged gifts. Your both such generous stitchers. Nice photo of the tow of you too, now I can put a face to Robin!

    What a great deal on the sewing machine, I happy to hear the girls are still interested in sewing.
    Always learn something of interest when I visit you, I never heard of the Halo and will have to look into that.
    The sampler is gorgeous, were all the attendees Outlander fans?

  7. Stasi: It is so much fun to meet followers in person, I have had the honor of meeting many of my followers.
    Your Sampler is stunning.
    What a wonderful idea of having another sewing machine, the girls can now show you their talents and create.