Monday, July 1, 2019

I'm Baaaack...(509-510)

Greetings...I'll keep this short and sweet. I have two more finishes and additions to my Stitch Stroll.

1. Red, White and Blue by Lizzie Kate This was a mini kit that came with the 32 count lambswool fabric, blue wool, red/ cream ribbon and button. It also came with a thin piece of twine for trim around the edges, but I elected to leave that off...kind of cheapened the look. Instead I added the blue star ribbon, a recent acquisition from JoAnn's to give a bit more pizazz. I have to say that this piece of lambswool was the nicest linen to work with..very dense and substantial. I remember lambswool always being on the 'flimsy' side, so was very pleased with this and hope to find more.

 Lately,  I've been finishing my pillows/pincushions by sewing around the four edges on my machine, cutting a slit in the backing fabric, stuffing, sewing the slit closed by hand and then covering with a piece of cute linen. I think it makes the outer edges look so much nicer and section of hand sewing in your seam.

2. I stitched this next piece last year hoping ti get it don by Christmas...didn't happen. But here it is now all ready for 2019.....Christmas Eve Ride  by Needle Bling. It's approx. 12 X 12 and I just bought a pillow form. I may have said this before but I HATE stuffing; I know it's a necessary evil but I really, really don't enjoy it!!! Just a simple finish here with a strip of trim that reminded me of snowballs.

 So, that's it...I kept to my short and sweet. Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Both are super finishes, Stasi! I really like the patriotic one by Lizzie Kate. That blue star ribbon is neat and I think it adds to your pillow finish.

  2. Love you way of finishing pillows! Thanks!

    1. Thanks Pattie, it does give a much cleaner 'edge' to the piece!

  3. ooOoo! Very nice! Both of them. :)

  4. Hi Stasi! I really love your Red, White and Blue stitch and the way you finished it. And your new Christmas pillow is adorable. I've been closing my ornaments the same way for about a year now and love doing it this way. I definitely agree that you get nicer corners. Great job Stasi. RJ

  5. The LK is too cute, and a cute finish for the 4th.
    What a pretty Christmas pillow.
    I too finish that way.
    I didn't like how my hand stitching was when done, it was always a little wonky. Sometimes I put a wool scrap, maybe a hrart or other shape to cover the slit.
    Have a great 4th of July!

  6. Stasi, The LK stitch is just adorable and your blue star ribbon is perfect!! I finish my pillows that way now too. And, you don't have to work so hard to get the stitching perfect when you close up the seam.
    I love Christmas Eve Ride and another great finish!! That quilt it sits on looks pretty amazing too!

  7. Your pillows are both so beautifully stitched and finished, Stasi! I especially love the sentiment on your second pillow :) I still finish my pillows with stitching up the bottom seam by hand. Since I usually opt for cording, it looks fine, but maybe I'll give your method a try :)

    Hope you have a lovely 4th of July!

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