Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Back to Reality and a Stitch Stroll Addition ....(492)

Greetings all! I am back from my weekend in OCMD helping with the EGA Camp Wannastitch event. There were approximately 175 attendees, most of whom make a trip to Salty Yarns, for supplies and/or stash enhancement. I am on fabric cutting duty and have to say I cut a LOT of fabric. And I so enjoy it...I get to see what exciting projects these stitchers are working on and play a small part in their selection process. I did have a bit of an anxiety producing moment when my oil light came on as I started my drive home (flashback to last year's traumatic episode--- but I returned to have Vernon check it out, stopped at Advance Auto parts for some oil and was on my merry way without further ado..... big shout out to Vernon--thanks!!!!

I'll start off with a little bit of stash enhancement of my own; I tried to hold it to a minimum as I'll be going back to Salty Yarns for Super Bowl weekend and their big sale. 

I also got the fabric for Hands on Design, A Year of Celebrations, which I'm going to do on a larger count fabric..more on that to come later.

I also received some birthday/Christmas gifts ( we try to wait until we are together in person to exchange). I received this Longaberger basket and the "fillings" from Deb. I've always wanted to try those Bombas socks, especially since they have a 'bee' on them! There is also some wonderful fabric, a bee needle minder, sweet notebook and a box of  Invisifil thread...I feel very spoiled!!!!

Here is the fabric.....I think I see a project bag in my future!!!! Thanks Debbie!!!

Then I received this from Sara..... a circle template which will come in very handy, a vintage needle collection from Colonial Needle and an adorable stitched thread keep! Love, love, love!!! Thanks to you Sara!

One of the ladies in my stitch group had made us all this sweet ort container...can you believe it was made from a Pringles can??? You just twist the fabric and the bottom fits up into the tube....then just pop out to use. Thanks to Joey!

Now on to some stitching. Since my friend has finally received her birthday gift, I can officially add it to my Stitch Stroll. It was a joy to stitch and I can't wait to do one for myself. This was a teaching piece by Indigo Rose called Sampler Bead Blanket. One of the members of my Guild had brought it to share and offered to sell me the chart. It had some leftover threads and beads, so I matched as best I could from my stash. The edge is beaded and was not difficult at all. There is a piece of a Vellux type fabric tacked on the inside to hold your beads in place....hopefully!!! :)

I finished the stitching on my Siren's Tart by Plum Street Samplers; it will be FFO'd in a small tart pan. I used a piece of scrap fabric I had on hand (I liked the color better) and may have to sew a band around it so I can gather it up correctly. The ladies at stitch group yesterday think she has a big nose!!! :)

 Then, I've been playing catch up on the Black Sampler Band SAL; I have weeks 27, 28 and the bonus to do. I'm trying to crank it out so I'm ready to start the new one in February.

And I got a bit more done on Merry Christmas.

 We've been in a roller coaster ride with the weather...50's one day...20's the next... 30's today and 60 tomorrow!!! I've got the essential oils in overdrive trying to stay healthy!!! Stay warm and safe for those of you in the path of the next winter storm......thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Love your purchase of Candy Cane Wishes... enjoyed reading your blog... here in the Lower Hudson Valley of NY we have had lots of snow and ice this week... ugh.. waiting for spring.

    1. Martha, thanks for stopping by. I would love to respond to you personally but you are a no-reply comment blogger, so I can't. I'm assuming you are the Martha I know from Salty Yarns and if you send me an e-mail address, I'll be happy to converse. :)

  2. Yay for Vernon coming to your rescue! What a beautiful gift you stitched for your friend and what fabulous goodies you received while in OCMD! Congratulations on getting the mermaid finished! Your WIPs are looking good.

  3. Love your new stash enhancements! Wow! I love what you made your friend Stasi. And what a great mermaid!

  4. Yes, this weather is crazy, isn't it, Stasi! Low of 0 yesterday and a high of 48 today! More snow tomorrow, but just a bit. Lovely new stash and such beautiful gifts from your friends. The mermaid is so beautiful as is the gift for your friend. Glad your time at Camp Wannastitch and Salty Yarns wasn't affected by any weather issues!

  5. Great stash & gifts.
    Love that Ort container, and the bead blanket is so pretty!
    Nice WIP progress.

  6. Wonderful gifts Stasi. And, you are very deserving of them all. I love all the goodies you picked up too. And, your gift to your friend is gorgeous. All of your stitching is looking perfect too. I really enjoyed your post. It even got cold in Florida but it warmed up some today. RJ

  7. You were certainly spoiled by Deb and Sara!! I just love that fabric and it will be perfect for a project bag. Great use of recycling the pringles can for an ort container. The highlight of this post for me is your sampler beading. Very impressed with your 2 color beading. I agree with the EGA members, your Mermaid has quite the honker! So glad your car issues was not any repeat of last year!